Sunday, July 6, 2014

Review: Suesh Foundation

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Finals week is over! (*Screams "One week vacation here I come!) Graduation is more visible and I can smell more makeup post  for the next term. Sweet huh? 

Today's product review is about Suesh Foundation. I posted a haul weeks ago and it's only today that I managed to make a review.

HD 07, HD 08, HD 312, HD 316

The foundation is matte and I love the coverage. It's medium to full. Also, a little amount is enough. I swipe twice with wet sponge or fingers and I'm good to go. If I want more coverage, then I can add up some more since it's build-able and doesn't cake.

Here's half of my face wearing Suesh Foundation in HD 08, Suesh Lip Color in LC 343, Suesh Blush in B003, and Suesh eyeshadow in E026.

The foundation gives a good canvass. To add,  It last on my skin for hours. It's definitely a great product. <3

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Photoshoot: Red in the City

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HMUA: JameilaB
Photography: Salve luego

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Review: TNC Cream Foundation

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Summer is definitely the season where I lock myself inside my room and wish there's number 7 on the fan. This scorching heat is killing me. I just can't risk going out and get sweaty with my face like a mess with ruined foundation. 

The problem is, all of my foundations are all medium to full coverage. Using them during this summer with more than 35 degrees Celsius, is a bad idea. I love the whole look, but it gives me the feeling of wearing a cement. It's a face battle between sweat and makeup on who stays.

With all this vanity problem, I have to look for another product that's skin breathable. 

opted for TNC cream foundation with SPF 15. 

The cream foundation comes in two shades. One is old rose (Pink undertone) and the other is peach (Yellow Undertone). 

TNC is a beauty shop in Olongapo City near YBC super market.

For the swatches, 

I hope you could see the difference. They did a great job blending on the skin. As for me, I'm loving the old rose foundation. It gives that pinkish gloom effect. <3

Here's a photo of me wearing TNC Cream foundation in Old rose. 

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tekno Rampa 2014: Peacock inspired

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Our school annually conducts Tekno Rampa. It is a competition of clothes made up of recyclable materials. It sounds like a boring runway for the environmentalist, but no. It has a theme and the outfit totally rocks! 

Well, I got hired to do makeup for PICHE (Philippine Institute  of Chemical Engineers-MIT chapter) representative. 

For the Makeup,

Products Used:
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Fanny Serrano Concealer
Krave Blush
Krave Loose powder
ELF Blush and Contour
Ever Bilena Pencils
Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk
ELF 100 Palette
Sleek Storm Palette 

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Suesh Haul: Individual Pots+ wild peach palette

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Makeup artists are encouraged to own at least 5 shades of foundation plus the different shades of lipstick, blush, concealer, etc. That's a lot of product and definitely space consuming. For some, including me, who isn't full time in this career, buying in bottles of different shade isn't economical. 

I don't usually encounter clients with dark skin so I have bottles of unused Revlon color stay in dark shades. It's recently that I came across with Suesh's Create-your-own palette. I tried searching for any reviews in the blog sphere, but there's not much. I ended up buying Suesh individual pots for test. .

I bought 12 items, 4 of which is foundation, 3 lipsticks, 1 concealer, 2 blushes, and 2 eye shadows.

The prices are as follows:
Foundation - P125
Lipstick - P100
Concealer - P105
Blush - P 100
Eyeshadow -P 95

They're in pots so I bought a wild peach palette at Lavish Lashes Studio for storage. I will post reviews soon! 

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Coed Photoshoot: 2013 2nd Issue of TNB

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Model: Bianca B.
HMUA/Art Director: Jameila Bito-on
Photographer: Jude Ricafort

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Coed Photoshoot: 2013 1st Issue of TNB

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I know this one is too late for me to post. Well, i'm still posting. We conducted the shoot last year, month of May. I wasn't able to update my portfolio due to extreme laziness.

Model: Marrion Z.
HMUA/Art Director: Jameila Bito-on
Photographer: Jude Ricafort

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Review: Beauty Cosmetics Individual Brushes

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Personally, brushes are a must-have. They are tools that help in the application of makeup on the face. Also, I find them really important when it comes to creating eye makeup. For those who are starting in the makeup artistry, you can either have them in a set or individual. 

I got 2 sets of brushes plus individual brushes. Then last week, I bought 5 more individual brushes from Beauty Cosmetics.

These are the brushes I find important. From left, I have the spoolie, bullet brush, flat top brush, buffing brush and angle brush. I already have these types of brushes from my old sets, but I need more of them. There are times I get 2 to 3 clients a day and cleaning my brushes is time consuming. 

Buffing Brush, P150

A buffing brush could be use to apply foundation, blend blushes or contour and apply powder. As for me. it would work as a blender. The photo below shows a close up look of the flat top brush. 

This is densely-packed with soft bristles.
Flat Top brush, P150

A Flat Top Brush is mostly used as a foundation brush. The dense flat surface is perfect for applying any type of foundation.

I already tried this in applying my San San HD foundation. It works better than a flat foundation brush which causes streaks.

Angle Brush, P100

This is an angle brush that I think would work for me as a contour brush. It's the smallest angle brush I got so it would, at most, give a defined contour.

Bullet Brush, P100

A bullet brush is a great creator of smokey eye makeup. It's perfect for precision shading. It also blends the harsh lines of eye shadow. Furthermore, this creates a contour on the eyes or through crease. 

Spoolie Brush, P50

As you can see, I  used it already. Anyway, do not neglect this one. Our eyebrows need combing. If we want to get a well defined eyebrows, then using a spoolie would be a lot of help.

Overall, I love the brushes. <3 They're soft, cheap and they don't shed. For those interested, see Beauty Cosmetics Facebook Page. Click Here.

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