Film Shoot: Pink Party

5:20:00 PM

If it happened that you read my previous previous post, the KRAVE HAUL, you could recall the "Behind-the-Scenes" pictures for a Film Shoot we did. Let me present to you raw photos I processed. Oh yeah! And let me tell you something, photos posted with watermark were all post-processed by ME. X) Tell me if I'm good at it. haha

So here we go.

I Love editing photos! :*>

When you have blue or gray contacts, Pink eye makeup+Dolly false eyelashes would definitely make your eyes extremely attractive. I would surely make a photo tutorial for this eye makeup but not as soon as i could. T.T I still have this eye infection. 
If you're curious about the bottle, I was asked to act like I'm modeling for a face toner. 

Photographer: David Gonzales
Post-processing by ME :*>
Makeup by ME


10th Photoshoot: Aztec Crew

3:11:00 AM

I'm still dead tired from yesterdays photo shoot. I assisted both the photographer and makeup artist. Well, Bad day for me I have, again, my quarterly eye infection - just hate it. Because of that, I did a smokey eye to cover it up.

Before anything else, let me introduce to you from left: Chrisna Bobis (Winner of model search), Me, Zielah (Owner of Zielah's) and Reese Ricaborda (Model). Lindsay was MIA (Other model) because she was out with the photographers.
Going back, My smokey eye makeup.

No one even noticed that my eyes were uneven. Oh yeah!:) 

Photographer: Clement Fajardo
Post-processing by ME :)

Thank you everyone for making the shoot a SUCCESS!
To Zielah of Zielah's clothing and Clement for his support.
To Models Reese Ricaborda, Lindsay Chetaud and winner of model search Chrisna Bobbis.
To Photographers Kat Nobleza and Ram Marcelo
To Makeup artist Albert Tablan


REVIEW: Avon Simple Pretty Shine No More Pressed Powder

10:10:00 PM

It's hot outside and it makes me very very sweaty. I just hate to look messy. So let me present to you the pressed powder I super love - It is the Shine No more Pressed Powder in the shade Soft Bisque by Avon. 
And yes! I use this to mattify and keep on my foundation and retouch every time my T-zone gets oily.
I already hit the pan and bought a refill. I already disposed the foam that came with it and replaced with an Ever Bilena one.

What I like about it beside being Oil-free is that it has SPF 14. Let me add, that people with oily/combination  skin should go for the Oil-free products. And as what it states at the back, it really is blend-able. The best part is that it is Non-comedogenic and Non-acnegenic. This means it does contain ingredients that will clog your pores to aggravate or produce acne.

Very pigmented. I just need few swipes with the use of foam and my face looks freshen up! There is nothing I hate about this product. I cannot remember the price. What is important is that it isn't expensive, it's a quality product and it's refillable. :*>
Stay Pretty even if the Sun Heats Up like there's no tomorrow. XD

Beauty Cosmetics Angle Brush


4:37:00 PM

My office-mate asked me to act/pose for a Film Shoot. I immediately replied YES! This will give me a reason to go to school with heavy makeup on. I did a Pink-Party Makeup look (Photo tutorial soon)! Anyway, after the activity I went home and was welcomed by our dormitory's landlady with my parcel. (Smile :*>) I have been waiting for this since Thursday.

Krave Organic Skincare and Krave Mineral Makeup. Others are sample

I will be posting reviews soon! :)


My exam was from 12pm-3pm (FLUIDS-subject) yesterday so i went to school with few colors on my eyes. Then the film shoot was scheduled at 3 pm and what I am left to do was intensify the color of my eye makeup,blush and contour and retouch with pressed powder.

With my Beauty Cosmetics Angle Brush

One of my favorites is the Ever Bilena Off Beat. And oh Look! my PRESS ID. <3


EOTD: Bigger eyes with Browns

7:08:00 PM

I am a fan of PROMISE PHAN, a popular makeup guru in youtube, I usually give her makeup tutorials a try. This one I made is based on her Barbie-inspired makeup tutorial. Actually, I already did this one on Zielah. It looks very Barbie indeed especially with huge dolly false eyelashes.

You might be wondering what the white thing  is. I put TAPE to serve as a guide to achieve sharp winged eye-makeup. 
Step 1. Prime your eyes so your makeup will last as long as possible.
Step 2. Next, Apply a matte brown over the lid extending it up on the crease. I use a fluffy brush. You may also use a crease brush.
Step 3. Take a shimmery brown color and apply over the lid with the first color still peeking.

Step 4. On the center lid, tap on some bronze color.
Step 5. Darken the look by applying black on the outer V.
Step 6. Apply a white color on the brow bone.
Step 6. Blend!

Step 7. With a pencil brush or any small brush, apply the brown in the inner half lower lash line and black on the outer half.
Step 8. Apply white eyeliner on your waterline.
Step 9. Lastly, Apply Mascara.

ELF Eyelid Primer
Sleek palette "Storm"
Nyx Jumbo Pencil "Milk"
Avon Mascara

Note. The only makeup I'm wearing here is the eye-makeup.  NO FOUNDATION even concealer. XD 

Like it? Let me know. XP


EOTD: Kat Von D Inspired

10:09:00 AM

I did a Kat Von D Inspired Make up for Viela two months ago. If you haven't seen the photos yet, click here. Moving on, i decided to make a photo tutorial for those interested to achieve the eye-look.

This eye look is BOLD and DRAMATIC. A lot of people make their versions of blue+purple+pink for night and party events.

Note: I know Viela's eye makeup doesn't look exactly the same with what i did here. I do some revisions depending  on the eye shapes and skin color.

Step 1: First, apply primer eye on eyes.
Step 2: Now take a shade of chestnut shimmery eye shadow and apply under the brow bone.
Step 3: Next, apply a pink color just below the chestnut followed by a violet or purple shade color.

Step 4: On the center lids, apply a dark green eye shadow.
Step 5: Now, apply dark blue on the outer-V of your eyes. Work it over your crease. 
Step 6: Lastly, apply a black eye shadow at the outer corners to darken the eye-look.
Step 7: Blend with a fluffy brush. I use my Beauty Cosmetic fluffy Brush.
Step 8: Line your upper lash line with Gel liner. Here, i just did a very very thin one. It's thickness depends on how dark you want your eye-look to be.
Step 9: Don't forget to apply Mascara!
Step 10: False eye lashes are optional.

ELF Eyelid Primer
ELF 100 palette
Sleek palette "Storm"
Fanny Seranno Gel eyeliner
Avon Mascara

That's it! What do you think?

Beauty threats lipgloss

Review: Ever Bilena Lip Liner

6:04:00 PM

This is my first lip liner. I bought one to see if filling the lips with it will make the lipstick last a bit longer. So here, i have my Ever Bilena Lip Liner in Red. Why red? I have this pale-warm skin tone and red lips make me look very sophisticated. 

Remember that in choosing a lip liner, make sure that the color is two shades darker than the lipstick. 


SWATCH: Blood Red shade

I don't know what happened with this. The color of this lip liner is somewhat BLOOD red and It looks pink here

With my Beauty Threat Lip gloss. Actually i LOVE that lip gloss,  it smells nice and tastes good. :)

I tried this Lip liner with my L.A girl lipstick in the shade of Luscious Red (picture soon). Both works together in terms of color. It gives that cold bloody red color. 

The huge problem is that  the whole lip-look did not last an hour. :( And when I ate a bread - all gone! Lip liner that will make the lipstick last a bit longer? It appears that it all depends on the product. 

Well, perhaps i should try again but this time will coat a translucent powder (claims to do wonders) and try another brand.

Model search


9:59:00 AM

Hi Ladies! It's your time to shine. :*> Zielah's is on search for a new MODEL! Interested? Read Mechanics below. :)


♥♥♥ HOW TO JOIN ♥♥♥

1. Post your picture on Zielah's online Shop with the clothes you bought from US. (AS AN ENTRY) 
2. PM (0906-948-2400) me your personal information including
Contact Number:

3. Kindly LIKE AND share my page to at least three people ☛

4. Visit our Make-Up Artist's Blog and click "Join Site"

5. Visit our Photographer's Page and HIT LIKE ☛


70% - facebook LIKES Popularity
30% - Zielah's Team's Choice






That's it! XD

Fanny serrano

Review: Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake

12:37:00 PM

I usually prefer liquid foundations only. The Fanny Serrano two-way cake foundation changed my mine. When I tried it, I decided to buy the other shades. XD Well, I think it was true how some people over blogspot considers this great even dupe for  Mac Studio Fix Foundation. 

Before anything else, Fanny Serrano is a local brand in the Philippines.

I have Duchess and Organza in this type of packaging

I guess they realized that it would be more comfortable to have the mirror at front.

The shade is in Silk (lightest shade they have),  a yellow undertone I use under the eyes and on  the bridge of the nose. This one is considered perfect for highlighting the face. 

It comes with a sponge and a mirror. Sorry for that sponge, used this already before taking photo. :P

It has holes underneath in order for the product to breath? or for the sponge to dry if wet  and accumulate dust? - I don't know.
I'm just not sure if it is light-medium or medium-full coverage since I do retouch every now and then - I have oily skin. One thing's for sure, it gives a matte finish and I LOVE it. :) 

I love the product! It does not cake. What's even better is that I don't have any breakouts. Well, I have sensitive skin so I guess this one is skin-friendly.

Anyway, I highly recommend this foundation. You can buy this in any malls for P399. Till next time :P


Review: San San Concealer

6:59:00 PM

Do you have a fair or dark skin? Whatever skin color you have everyone should aim for that glowing look. I have watched and read a lot of videos and articles that talks about highlighting the face. And yes, i mean something that pops your upper cheeks and lifts your nose. I tried them all and so far the best result came from a cream.

I cannot say this is the best cream I ever tried but so far it would be working with me. 

I bought this from HBC for P130.  
According to the saleslady, this is the lightest shade they have - Natural.

It is very creamy. I only need few swipes and i'm on for the next step.
How i use this? First i put the cream over the bridge of the nose and on my eye bags. Afterwards, I blend with another concealer followed by  foundation. So in blending, make sure that the shade of the second concealer and foundation matches your skin so that this super light concealer will blend and give glow to you're face making you look like inlololove ♥ XD
Can you see where i applied the concealer? :P
In this look, i did the method i talked about a while ago. See?  She looks fresh even if  its 4pm  and we're dead tired from our trip. XD

 If you have questions, feel free to ask.:)

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