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Primers are expensive. Despite their prices, we invest on them. Why? Primers are applied to improve the coverage and staying power of our foundation. It also reduces the look of large pores and face lines. Lastly, it prevents the  foundation from caking. 

I was about to purchase a primer online when I saw Quick FX No Shine Mattifier on youtube. Based from feedback, it was claimed to be cheap yet effective product. With that in head, I decided to try this first before any online purchasing.

I bought this at Watsons. There are four kinds of Quick FX but I only bought the tinted moisturizer, eyelift cream and no shine mattifier. 

The packaging is travel friendly. The product is in a sachet. 

The Quick FX No Shine Mattifier is a good primer for starters.For the application, the product feels smooth on the face. It really transforms it from a shiny  to matte. I love how it prepares my skin for a thick foundation like my Revlon  Colorstay. Revlon has the tendency to cake so the foundation sits best with the Quick FX. Also, there's no break out so I think I'm good with it. Anyway, I'm only applying this product on my T-zone. I don't want my face to look flat.

The Quick FX Tinted Moisturizer product is comparable to skin white advanced moisturizer in term of texture. It gives a smooth feeling. On another note, the color of the moisturizer is not a problem to me. I don't know if the color is the same with my shade (Buff for Revlon or No.2 Shade for San San) or it simply vanishes on my skin.

The Quick FX Eyelift Cream helps in reducing the heavy look of my under eye. It does give a lighter look. To add,  the product gives that cold feeling of frozen pickle on the area of application.

Overall, I love all the products of Quick FX. They help a lot in preparing my face for makeup. And yes! I use them almost everyday.

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