EOTD: Neutrals in Cold Weather

7:21:00 AM

My first EOTD of the year! :) Since the weather is unusually cold, I decided to make an eye look in neutrals with a touch of blue. Looks a little colder.

1. Prime your eyes with any primer that you have.
2. Apply a matte nude-like color eye shadow all over the lid up to the crease.
3. Apply a brown color through the crease and BLEND upwards.
4. Apply a shimmery blue over the crease and on your upper and lower lash line.
5. On your waterline, apply a black eyeliner
6. Coat with mascara!

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Goat's Milk Soap

My 2013 Beauty Starters (with Reviews)

10:56:00 AM

My first post for this year! Well, I would like to share the things that I started using. Anyway, I'm obsessed with applying too much products. I'm a fan of whitening soaps, cosmetics and more. :) 

For Shower gel and Lotion. 

I'm using Mark & Spencer Shower Gel and Lotion. I use the shower gel before I use my Goat's Milk soap. I prefer to clean my body first before applying any whitening product. Since it has a lemon verbena extract the product do smells like one. To add, lemons are natural whiteners and could leave your skin dry. With that, I found it great that it has a added moisturizer! 

After a bath, I make sure I use the lotion. I love these products because it really does feel like pampering my skin. With the pollution and all, I guess we should be giving time and investing money on skin care. :")

The packaging is so cute and girly 

Sample size of the soap
I bought these products at a beauty shop in Olongapo City. They create organic soaps and perfumes there. I do love their products especially their soaps. They have a variety of whitening soaps. 

As far as I'm concern, one of the most expensive soap in the market is Goat's milk soap. They are said to be highly effective in whitening plus it softens your skin. It smells like milk and I love it. The main reason why I use this is to maintain my fair color perhaps get fairer. Priced at P 190.

Another bar soap I bought from them is the gluthathione bar with rosehip oil. It says in the product description whitening, antioxidant and anti aging. Like the Goat's Milk bar soap, I love that this one is also creamy. 

Details on where and how to buy the beauty bars are posted here.
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Photoshoot: Year Ender

9:21:00 PM

The last work I had for 2012 was Folio. It is a 2013 planner with articles on it. I can't really tell the full details. Anyway, I handled the fashion part and my scope of work were articles, layouts and pictures. Today, I will be showing some teasers (for Fashion part) :)

Model: Chin Obcena
Photography: Ram Marcelo

Models: Viela Miranda, Rayn, Jameila
Photography: Burn Andrade

The photos weren't the actual ones used on the planner. 

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