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Coed Photoshoot: October Issue

9:54:00 PM

It had been two issues of not handling the coed  part of the newspaper (girl of the issue) for some "tampo" reasons. Since I will be doing the layout, I decided to once again do the makeup and direct the shoot. My goal is to achieve a doll look on my model Chin.

Did i achieved the said look? Oh well, Finals week is over and hello 1 week sleep :) I will be posting some photo tutorial next week. Any suggestion?


EOTD: Gold and Black

2:17:00 PM

I recreated the look I made on Yani from the photo shoot 7 Deadly Sins . Some people got in loved with the eye makeup so I made a photo tutorial. I hope you like it. :)

Here's yani :)

For the Photo tutorial:

1.Prime your eyes to make the eye shadow last longer. I used my ELF eyelid primer.
2. Put on tape at the side of me eyes to achieve a winged look eye make up. Now, apply a Gold eye shadow over the eyelid moving a little bit higher.
3. Afterwards, I added a black eye shadow at the outer V moving through the crease and outside extending up.
4. Blend!
5. Apply any gold glitters at  inner half of the eyelid. Here, I used a gold shimmery eyeliner.
6. Apply False eyelashes followed by Mascara.
7. Apply some thin black eyeliner to hide the root of the false eyelashes.
8. Put on black eyeliner on waterline.
9. Lastly, Glue some gold nail art stones.

Easy right? XD

I placed some yellow nail art stones on the face to make it look more dramatic and shiny. There you go! :) Hope you love it. hahaha

Divisoria finds

Mini Haul: Divisoria

2:04:00 PM

Halu!:) Just wanted to share some stuff I purchased from Divisoria last week. :)

Nail stones bought for P120. I used them on the face at the 7 deadly sin photo shoot.

Hair spray bought for P90. Tested a couple of times and let me say "It's the worst  hairspray ever!"  My hair  freezed like it got electrocuted.

Glitter eye liners bought for P40 each. Love them! :)

Lastly, bought a box of Dolly false eyelashes for P100 (20 pairs). 

That's all! Thanks for reading. :*>


Grand Launch of Trishie's Couture

10:12:00 PM

Zieh's friend, invited us to go with her in Trishie's Couture grand launch. Unfortunately, she backed out the last minute. >.< - and I don't like people who plans the whole thing and again, backs out the last minute. Another bad news for us, no one brought a camera. :( 

Going back, here's a photo from the ramp. ( I will upload a video soon! :p )

and here's what i wore! XD

Zielah and I 

A better look of the outfit:

Do you like my outfit? :*>

7 deadly sins makeup

Photoshoot: 7 Deadly Sins

7:34:00 PM

David, a co-writer asked me to pose and do makeup. It's for his concept development project in photography course. When he mentioned that the concept was 7 deadly sins i was like "what look will i do?" I have 2 other models and 7 looks to achieve.

I don't have a photo tutorial for the looks I made but I will make one upon request or if I have extra time. Anyway, for the base I used KRAVE's foundations in Ricotta (I used on myself and Viela) and Tiramisu (used on Yani), krave's correct and conceal, and complexion perfection (oil free powder foundation) in Hazelnut and Creme brulee. Thumbs up krave! The products did a great job in the photo shoot. The models  did not requested for any reapplying despite the excessive heat we experienced from the huge lights. No one had those extreme oiliness whatsoever. The make up did not even melted. :*> I will definitely use these products again! :)

Anyway, if ever you see some weird stuff on the face or what it's because I was under pressure. I did OUR makeup in 2hours+. O.O 

Model: Jameila Bito-on (WRATH)

Model: Jameila Bito-on (LUST)
SLOTH. Viela has lots of blue gem in her left. She did not mentioned about her best angle in right. Effort wasted :(  Got no time to ask since i'm under time pressure)

Model: Arianne Dabu (PRIDE)

Model: Viennese Miranda (ENVY)

Photography: David Gonzales

There are more and better photos but should not edit them since photographer David Gonzales will be using them for portfolio. XD


EOTD: Plum Smokey

9:47:00 AM

Finally, I'm done with my eye makeup photo tutorial. Remember my post on a photo shoot with aztec theme? (If not click HERE) I did a smokey eye to cover my eye imperfection. One lid got really bigger than the other. Anyway, I was able to copy some raw photos from Ram Marcelo. I did the editing.

Here's the final look. I look very tired though. It was really hot  that day.

Moving on to the photo tutorial.

1. Prime your eyes to make the eye shadow last longer. I used my ELF primer. Then put on tape at the side of your eye to achieve a winged look eye makeup.
2. Next, apply NYX eyeliner in "Milk".
3. For the base, apply a gel liner or cream eye shadow in black. Here I'm using my Fanny Seranno Gel liner in black.

4. Tap over a black eye shadow. Take a crease brush and blend! Do it as neatly as possible.
5. Apply a Plum or reddish color through your crease. Also, apply on your lower lash line.
6. In blending the plum color, use the brush you used to blend the black eye shadow. Remove the tape.
7. Apply eye liner on your water line. I used my all time favorite  Ever Bilena Black Eyeliner. <3

8. Apply mascara. You may add false eyelashes for a more dramatic look.

I hope you like it! XD


Fun Shoot!

5:10:00 PM

Lately, my schedule has been pretty occupied with photo shoots. People think i'm not studying anymore. But hey, I do! I only have 3 subjects this term. Next term, I don't think I'll be doing these things anymore.Maybe yes but not as much as "monthly or weekly". I'm planning to be in Nerd-mode again. 

In the other hand, I still have my eye infection. Crap - Another black smokey eye for my eye look. :|


When you freaking FORGET to contour your nose -darn. It looks flat when the light consumes your face - tell me about photography. T.T

I still have another shoot next week but not for an Online shop. Then for Zie's shop, we will have our last shoot for September but this time I will be back again as the Make up artist. Whooooooooh! XD
Thanks Zie for the adventures!haha XD

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