EOTD: Gold and Black

2:17:00 PM

I recreated the look I made on Yani from the photo shoot 7 Deadly Sins . Some people got in loved with the eye makeup so I made a photo tutorial. I hope you like it. :)

Here's yani :)

For the Photo tutorial:

1.Prime your eyes to make the eye shadow last longer. I used my ELF eyelid primer.
2. Put on tape at the side of me eyes to achieve a winged look eye make up. Now, apply a Gold eye shadow over the eyelid moving a little bit higher.
3. Afterwards, I added a black eye shadow at the outer V moving through the crease and outside extending up.
4. Blend!
5. Apply any gold glitters at  inner half of the eyelid. Here, I used a gold shimmery eyeliner.
6. Apply False eyelashes followed by Mascara.
7. Apply some thin black eyeliner to hide the root of the false eyelashes.
8. Put on black eyeliner on waterline.
9. Lastly, Glue some gold nail art stones.

Easy right? XD

I placed some yellow nail art stones on the face to make it look more dramatic and shiny. There you go! :) Hope you love it. hahaha

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