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Review: Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick

5:05:00 PM

Matte lipsticks definitely look great in pictures. The most hyped brand of matte lipsticks in the local market is the Ever Bilena

It comes in 14 shades.
I wonder why the brand has two sets of packaging.

The latest shades that I bought are in Magenta and Mauvey.

Sells for  P155.

SwatchesIn terms of quality, the lipsticks are pigmented even the nude ones. Also, I love how matte they are. 

What I do not like about the product is that it doesn't glide smoothly. One should apply a lip moisturizer or lip balm first. (As for me, I apply my Carmex soothing lip balm) Furthermore, on how this lasts, it doesn't stay long. It gets wiped out with eating. I recommend the use of lip liner to make the lipstick lasts longer.

Another thing, the lipstick has Paraben. Paraben may contribute to hormonal imbalance in females.

I don't know if I'll purchase some more, but I am researching on other great performing matte lipsticks.

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Haul: August 2013

5:02:00 PM

Finally, a time to blog about the new products in my box.

I ordered from Primp Pad last month. This shop is selling a lot of ELF products in low prices. For my haul, let's begin with how the products are wrapped.

The products are packed with a violet paper. Japanese paper?

For the products

I am actually eyeing for their ELF face primer. That was the sole reason for buying the others. Unfortunately, it is sold out and I don't want to cancel my order. So there. XD

Eyebrow kit in Light. My mistake. I should have ordered the medium one.

ELF Makeup Mist & Set

Carmex Lip Balm

ELF Lid Primer

I also bought two boxes of lashes.These boxes are bought from Divisoria. For the second box, I already used some so that explains some vacancy.

For my polish haul, I bought 3 more nail polishes. Two from the San San brand and the other one from Caronia.

Lastly, for my skin care products, I have Nivea Cell Repair Body Milk Lotion; and my newest favorite, the Skin white 3 in 1 advanced moisturizer.

Sorry for the quality of photos. :( 

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Photo shoot: August 26 2013

5:48:00 PM

Well, I mentioned in my previous post about getting myself a viral infection that is Dengue. Instead of posting the photos of our August shoot, I ended up with fever and on bed. After surviving the time killing virus, i'll now be moving on to sharing my work.

For my clients:

And of course our very ow model and friend, who decided to come by for a shoot :)

Chin Obcena

For those interested in hiring us for a photo shoot or hiring our model friend Chin (photo above), you can email me at Jameila.Bitoon@gmail.com

See also poster below

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Review: Aido Eye Putti (lash glue)

4:17:00 PM

After a week of dextrose and additional weeks to recover from weight loss due to dengue, I'm healthy to say I'm back! :) Before the unexpected viral infection, I planned to blog successively. Unluckily, everything had to wait. Well today just to exercise typing again, I'll be doing a review.

Today's product is Aido Eye Putti.

This is the first time that I tried this product. The lash glue that I originally planned to buy went out of stock.

This sells for 140 php.

Application is easy because the applicator is pointed. You could thinly apply the product. If ever that the lashes are already placed, you could actually do some touch ups for the lash applicator could reach through small areas. 

What I do not like about it is that it takes a lot of moment drying. If not, the glue doesn't work at all. I mean, dry for 10 seconds, place the lashes with glue and it tries its best to dry without sticking. Define hassle with all the glue retouches.

That's it for my blogging booster! Have some morning coffee to start :)

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Colored contacts

Review: Elite Contact Lens

4:07:00 AM

Who wants to look like a doll in pictures? Of course most of us do. For some, it's simply necessary especially if you're buying someone's attention. With that, Zie (my most talked friend here) and I decided to buy contact lenses for our photo shoot.

Due to excitement, when I received my package I immediately destroyed the metallic cap (with a pizza knife). That means I don't have any photo of the lenses inside the bottles. Anyway, we mistakenly ordered the wrong designs. Silly us. :P

What I got was the one in gray and yellow.

The brand is elite contact lens.

Super Dolly Series 18 mm Effect

The package includes free case.

Here's me wearing the contacts.

I still like my contacts. They don't hurt plus they're good for a year. This sells for 350 pesos per pair. For 3 pairs, price is at 1000 pesos.

Interested in buying your own pair? Click here! :) 

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