Review: Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick

5:05:00 PM

Matte lipsticks definitely look great in pictures. The most hyped brand of matte lipsticks in the local market is the Ever Bilena

It comes in 14 shades.
I wonder why the brand has two sets of packaging.

The latest shades that I bought are in Magenta and Mauvey.

Sells for  P155.

SwatchesIn terms of quality, the lipsticks are pigmented even the nude ones. Also, I love how matte they are. 

What I do not like about the product is that it doesn't glide smoothly. One should apply a lip moisturizer or lip balm first. (As for me, I apply my Carmex soothing lip balm) Furthermore, on how this lasts, it doesn't stay long. It gets wiped out with eating. I recommend the use of lip liner to make the lipstick lasts longer.

Another thing, the lipstick has Paraben. Paraben may contribute to hormonal imbalance in females.

I don't know if I'll purchase some more, but I am researching on other great performing matte lipsticks.

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