REVIEW: San San Lip Plumper

8:32:00 AM

Lip plumper is most used by people with thinner lips because it helps create an illusion of a gorgeous pout. Not for me, i have thick lips that makes me look like a duck.Kidding aside, it make lips appear fuller temporarily. It's components allow it to slightly swell over time. That explains the stingy effect. 

It ranges from shades of translucent, opaque and tinted. Anyway, i bought mine at HBC as mentioned in my previous post.

They have 3 shades distinguished by number 

As shown, i have 3 shades. Since these are colored or tinted, they can be worn alone. If ever that your lip plumper is colorless then you can apply it under your lipstick.Well, I bought them for P30 originally P85.75. They're on S-A-L-E. Nice right?

What i hate about this product is its smell. It's really upsetting my stomach. The smell is somehow close to a toothpaste mix with chemicals. I cannot really explain but it does sting my nose and my nerves.

Well, i cannot say if its effective because i have natural thick lips.hahaha XD 

Will i repurchase again? No. There are other ways to make your lips appear fuller without stinging your lips and upsetting your stomach. 


My December HBC Haul

2:56:00 AM

December is a great sale month! I dropped by Sta.Lucia last Friday to fill up my makeup cravings. I was sort of disappointed that they only have few brands like EB, Careline, Nichido... No ELF, No F21,No Maybelline...Whoa.  So i checked out their hbc there and voila!- I did some buying. Oh forgot - these babies are on SALE.

SanSan Blush On (01 and 03)
SanSan Liquid Base Makeup (Beige)
SanSan Lip Plumper (01,02, and 03)
SanSan Kohl Eyeliner (Blue)
Hortaleza, M.D. Sunblock 

I'm not a SanSan fanatic and these were not the things that i planned to buy. Still, i found them great finds!  Will do reviews soon... XD

Check their website HERE.

Ever Bilena 24-color palette

REVIEW: Ever Bilena 24-color palette

10:00:00 AM

Probably you've heard a lot of Ever Bilena stuff but i think only few talks about this 24-color palette. You see, there exist 24-color one (in black packaging) and advance 24 color palette (which everyone, i think, prefers). The thing is, i have the black one.

Combination of shimmering and matte eyeshadow,
Sorry, i don't know the price for this. it's a gift. XD

With Flash

Without Flash

I've read about a product review of the EB Advance from MyLucidIntervals that described it as really pigmented. So there you go, i think i know their difference already. The regular one took me a couple of application before getting the color into place. I even think that an eyeshadow primer is a must. Well, that doesn't stop there. Every time i wanted to blend more, the colors wear off. So minimal blending and more tapping of colors. (sorry for me who loves blending soooooo much) :((

Considering this in the positive side: the lighter it became, the better (call it a theory). Well for day time, i guess, it's not bad to have that loosing effect eye look - but hey! at least they last long looking like that. XD


What do you think?

Aido Lipstick

Review: AIDO Classic Lipsticks

8:31:00 AM

Lipstick compliments every complexion. For some, it's a girl's best friend, a thing your pout can't live without. However, i'm not that gaga over this. Still, cosmetics is cosmetics, i'm experimenting.XD Well, I spotted a brand that sells this for a very cheap price, AIDO (P50/$1). You can check them out on your local department stores. 

Moving on, i have 3 shades. The ones i wanted too are out of stock which is lame. Good thing, they are very pigmented. :)

Shade F

Shade Q

Shade H


REDDISH. A red-pink hue. Very strong shade. I suggest you keep the eyes bare when wearing this.

CORAL. The shade is bright and cheerful. Best for fair to medium skin tones - which  is very true.

PINK. A shade present in every makeup artist's kit. This looks amazing on every skin tone.  Also worn with a smokey eye look.

Actually, H (coral shade) is my everyday lippy. It really gives that strong orange color that compliments my fair skin. The only negative part, is i have to reapply every now and then.

I'll add the other shades soon! with better swatches. I feel LAZY. :(


REVIEW: SanSan Mascara

1:57:00 AM

It's my first time to buy this SanSan Mascara. Originally, i'm okay with my Avon Lengthening Mascara (which lasts for about two days even if i went swimming). Anyway, it is on sale! Originally P111 NOW P70. You can check their website HERE.

Age Defense

with Vitamins A,C & E

It thickens my eyelashes and is smear-proof. You see, I accidentally rubbed my eyes. I got shocked and ran off to the mirror. Well, after looking,  i think i don't have to worry at all.

Compared to my Avon Lengthening Mascara which is thicker, i might say this one gives average. It gives the lashes a clean and stunning look. Probably, best only at daytime. 

What do you think?

Elf liquid eyeliner

REVIEW: ELF eyeliners

11:53:00 PM

There are so many types of eyeliner nowadays. There are Soft eyeliner pencils, liquid eyeliner, felt tip eyeliner and cake eyeliner. For people who loveees to do some smokey eye, cat eye and pop-those-eyes look, eyeliners are very essential. With that, I purchased an Elf Liquid Eyeliner in Ash and Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in coffee just to experiment on them .

ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
in coffee

It does not show, but this is cool-toned brown. You know camera flash, very deceiving in outcome.XD

(as stated in package)
*Smudge free, no budge eyeliner that lasts for hours, for a fabulous and fresh look precision!
*Smooth Pen applicator easily glides on color for very fine to bold lines.

Bought for P129.75. 1.4g

*Sleek Black pen with removable cap for that, very handy.
*Pointed brush tip so you can actually make a bold line with one stroke.

The sad thing about this is that it came off with rubbing.This means it can be easily smudged. Also, it has average lasting power despite being labeled "waterproof". Actually,it is not. Try for yourself.

ELF Liquid Eyeliner
in Ash

Dark greyish shade

(as stated in package)
*Smudge-proof liquid eyeliner
*Fine tip applicator creates easily defined and precise lines
*Long Wear, luminous color

Again. P129.75. 5ml.Very cheap

*It has a very long comfortable handle
*Fine and Rigid tip

I might say, i love this one better than the local ones in terms of application. It's a lot easier. In terms of color, it does better with metallic looks.  XD

Personally, i don't recommend someone buying this (in ash) especially if you're strict with budget - A waste of money. You'll only use it for some time  when your eye look (as mentioned) is in metallic. Other than that, useless.

What do you think?


BudgetFind 101: Ever Gotesco at Q.C

12:16:00 PM

When it comes to Beauty Section, Ever Mall seemed to spare a lot of space for it. Well of course,for an old one, they don't have the entire collection of make up brands. But hey, when it comes to promos/sales, they're shoppers would not mind spend a lot of time looking around.

Shopping Bag:

Bought Aidu Lipsticks and Nose Pack at the Department store. The rest from HBC.

You might be wondering, if this mall is full of sale then why a few items? Simply because others were not a big thing to get featured.XD

Going back, it's a great thing that HBC is on sale, i get the chance of trying some of their exclusive products. Still, I haven't bought that much for i haven't tried any SanSan cosmetics before. So any suggestion of their great products?

1. SanSan Long Wearing Mascara
          -Originally P111 now P70

2. Hortaleza, M.D Mild Facial Toner
          -Originally P70 now P50

3. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
         -Not on sale. P85

For the Department Store:

Sometimes, it's better to check out old/small malls (whatever description they get nowadays). When it comes to sale, they're really good at it. The best part is, i don' think their sale lasts for 3 days. That's it. 

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