REVIEW: Ever Bilena 24-color palette

10:00:00 AM

Probably you've heard a lot of Ever Bilena stuff but i think only few talks about this 24-color palette. You see, there exist 24-color one (in black packaging) and advance 24 color palette (which everyone, i think, prefers). The thing is, i have the black one.

Combination of shimmering and matte eyeshadow,
Sorry, i don't know the price for this. it's a gift. XD

With Flash

Without Flash

I've read about a product review of the EB Advance from MyLucidIntervals that described it as really pigmented. So there you go, i think i know their difference already. The regular one took me a couple of application before getting the color into place. I even think that an eyeshadow primer is a must. Well, that doesn't stop there. Every time i wanted to blend more, the colors wear off. So minimal blending and more tapping of colors. (sorry for me who loves blending soooooo much) :((

Considering this in the positive side: the lighter it became, the better (call it a theory). Well for day time, i guess, it's not bad to have that loosing effect eye look - but hey! at least they last long looking like that. XD


What do you think?

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