EOTD: Simple Smokey Brown

2:52:00 AM

I got bored of my usual fierce look so I decided to change my look to something sweet. From red lipstick to nude frost and from a sharp bold eyeliner to a matte one. I did a simple smokey brown or my eye makeup.

For the Photo Tutorial

Apply a black gel liner

Blend using a dark brown eye shadow. It's okay if it is kinda messy.

Apply a warm brown color through the crease. After, reapply the gel liner and apply some on your lower lash line. Then apply a black eyeliner on your water line.

Curl you lashes and apply mascara.

This is the whole look. I used FS Foundation, concealer, gel liner and mascara, Krave blush, Careline Brow Pencil and L.A girl lipstick in frost.

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EOTD: Classic Pink

1:15:00 AM

I'm back from a 3-day vacation! Our organization went to San Narciso Zambales for a team building. I had so much fun. :D But 'bitin siya'. Anyway, I'm looking forward for more outings. Moving on, Lately I'm loving the color pink. For some reason, I got attracted to it but I'm not dropping my favorite color of course which is yellow. This made me this classic pink eye makeup with touch of yellow-ish gold.

For the photo tutorial

Start by priming your eyes. Contour by applying a brown eye shadow over your crease

Apply a pink color on the inner part of your crease

Make a wing by using a gel liner and applying it at the outer corner of your eyes. Apply also on your lower lash line. Blend slightly.

On your eyelids, apply a shimmery yellow-to-brown eyeshadow.

Apply the pink eye shadow on your lower lash line. 
Darken the wings by tapping over a black eye shadow. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

That's it for the classic pink eye makeup look.

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Nail art

Nail Story # 3

2:48:00 AM

I had a weird nightmare that made me do a weird look for my nails. I don't know how it looks, if it is tolerable or not. You can see some black veins crawling on my nails. I added some dots and glitters on the ends - just random things I thought of.

I'm still not good at doing my nails. :( 


To those who supported our video. Thank you! We won second.
That's me wearing stripes :)

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converse get sneakers dirty contest

An entry for converse

12:02:00 PM

Last Monday and Tuesday, we filmed some clips. The editing was done on tuesday night and was passed before the deadline 11:59 pm. Define R-U-S-H! :) We were tagged to join this converse contest by our passionate film makers in the office. Please help us win by voting for this entry.

Moving on, to present the look I did on myself.

I know I'm no videogenic. I don't like getting filmed but for friendship's sake - yeah, do acting and stuff.

Products I used: 
Fanny Serrano Organza and Silk
Fanny Serrano Concealer
Fanny Serrano Length and volume Mascara
LA Girl Apricot Frost Lipstick
Sleek Storm Palette

Please vote for us! Thank you. :)

Chic Nail Color

Nail Story #2

1:40:00 PM

Did a new look on my nails. This time I wanted something cute! :D Please do excuse my mistakes, I'm still practicing. :) 

The pink nail polish alone looks pretty and girly. It's a good color! :) Then I decided to put some accent so that it won't look boring. I applied some glitters at the tip of my nails. Do you like it? That's it for my nail story. 

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Nail art

Nail Story #1

3:10:00 PM

I'm not interested in nail polish and nail art until I realized that nails need their extensive grooming too. It's neat and  appealing to have designed nails. It adds sophistication. Furthermore, the nail look could serve as an accessory.

Well, I'm just starting to learn how to apply nail polish. I'm still not good at doing it but at least I'm trying my best. Plus I don't have the patience when it comes to  polish drying. I tend to touch it every now and then. Anyway, I'll show you my first try.

My pick! :) The glittered Bobbie polish looks amazing on nails. It's thick and requires few swipes.

I really don't know If I did a good job or what. I just thought of applying a matte black polish and adding some cute stuff over the tip. I guess I need more practice. :)

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EOTD: Feeling Cold

10:14:00 AM

I got depressed so I decided to go to school with something colorful. Colorful yet cold. I want everybody to see something different. Anyway, I don't usually do a colorful eye makeup for school unless I have a scheduled photo shoot. Moving on, here's the eye look.

To start! 

First, I applied a concealer over my eyelid. I don't apply primer when going to school. Concealers can be a substitute for primers. Anyhoo, I applied a matte brown eye shadow over the crease.

Sorry. I Can't provide a photo for step 2. I accidentally deleted the photo. For the photo above, I used a dark blue-grayish eye shadow over the lid followed by a dark violet shade eye shadow over the crease. Blend!

Apply an eyeliner. Curl Lashes. Apply Mascara.

I'm not a fan of blush on.I just want a great eye makeup look and a tinted lips. That's it.

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