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5th Photoshoot: Behind the scenes

4:28:00 PM

Apart from my job as a writer, I also work as a creative director. All labeled "labor of love" due to some issues. haha XD Oh well, moving on. February issue's coed of the month is Mr. and Ms. Cardinals 2012. Pictures soon!!!

For the mean time, here's the "behind the scenes". 


REVIEW: Nichido Liquid Eyeliner

6:02:00 PM

Today i wanted to make a review on Nichido liquid Eyeliner. Actually, i'm more comfortable with the pen type of eyeliners because they are easier to apply. Since my Sansan pen eyeliner lasted for 1 month only i decided to go for liquid.

Nichido Liquid Eyeliner is great for thin application. For my eyes, i do a lot of swiping since i wanted it bolder and thicker. It dries fast so after the application, i can immediately curl my lashes and apply mascara.

What i hate about it is that for some reason, it stings my eye. It felt like i applied alcohol over my lashes that made it stingy. 

Will i repurchase? No. I think i'll go for gel liners.

Blush on

REVIEW: Shawill Make-up Blusher

6:54:00 AM

Hi Ladies! Who says February is for couples only? haha. This month is Love month so we should look blooming everyday with or without boyfriend.    And one of the best way to do it is by applying some pink blush on. I bought a blusher two weeks ago and the brand is Shawill. Anyway, it's  new to me. I only saw this one at Watsons.

  • Very pigmented color. I only apply little amount because the color is really intense.Then blend!
  • Cute packaging. 
  • P100 only!
  • The free brush is useless. Because it's flat, your cheeks will end up with pink slashes. Also, the bristle is hurting my skin. It's sort of hard.
  • I have to do retouching every 3-4 hours.
My conclusion? It's the same pink everyone is wearing. But the fact, that you loose the color for some time is a huge turn-off. I might as well try another brand.


Night Skin Care Routine: Removing Pimples

3:14:00 AM

I welcomed this year with a serious face issue. What do i mean? Pimples. I had a lot of them from an allergic effect of San San liquid base makeup. I'm not saying it does give zits but in my case, my skin doesn't seem to like it. Moving on, i have here a picture of my healing pimples. They're quite huge.

1. Clean and Clear Active Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser
       As stated at the back of the product it helps clear pimple fast which i might say,very true. Well, my pimples are gone for good with its major ingredient as salicylic acid . XD Also, it has a cooling and soothing effect. P86.75
2.  Ponds Clear Balance
               This one is advanced Anti-bacterial facial scrub, with the power of unique Herbal Clay. And yeah, i really do agree with regards to highly absorbing. You can really feel the cleansing happening deep into your pores. It's very refreshing.

Photo Credit:

3. Garnier Light Complete
                 Lemon has glow enhancing effect, a natural bleacher of course. It makes one's skin visibly fairer. I really love how it works on my skin. It sort of glows. XD Garnier Light Complete is a multi-action whitening cream that acts on dullness, dark-spots, excess oil and acne marks. P65(20mL)

Photo Credit: 

The tandem of all these really made pimple removal and prevention  lot easier and faster. As for now, i have recovered from that extreme skin break out. 

What's your skin issues?

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