REVIEW: Shawill Make-up Blusher

6:54:00 AM

Hi Ladies! Who says February is for couples only? haha. This month is Love month so we should look blooming everyday with or without boyfriend.    And one of the best way to do it is by applying some pink blush on. I bought a blusher two weeks ago and the brand is Shawill. Anyway, it's  new to me. I only saw this one at Watsons.

  • Very pigmented color. I only apply little amount because the color is really intense.Then blend!
  • Cute packaging. 
  • P100 only!
  • The free brush is useless. Because it's flat, your cheeks will end up with pink slashes. Also, the bristle is hurting my skin. It's sort of hard.
  • I have to do retouching every 3-4 hours.
My conclusion? It's the same pink everyone is wearing. But the fact, that you loose the color for some time is a huge turn-off. I might as well try another brand.

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