Review: Aido Eye Putti (lash glue)

4:17:00 PM

After a week of dextrose and additional weeks to recover from weight loss due to dengue, I'm healthy to say I'm back! :) Before the unexpected viral infection, I planned to blog successively. Unluckily, everything had to wait. Well today just to exercise typing again, I'll be doing a review.

Today's product is Aido Eye Putti.

This is the first time that I tried this product. The lash glue that I originally planned to buy went out of stock.

This sells for 140 php.

Application is easy because the applicator is pointed. You could thinly apply the product. If ever that the lashes are already placed, you could actually do some touch ups for the lash applicator could reach through small areas. 

What I do not like about it is that it takes a lot of moment drying. If not, the glue doesn't work at all. I mean, dry for 10 seconds, place the lashes with glue and it tries its best to dry without sticking. Define hassle with all the glue retouches.

That's it for my blogging booster! Have some morning coffee to start :)

Thank you for reading :">

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