EOTD: Sparkling Purple and yellow

3:24:00 AM

Hello girls! I'm miraculously back after a few days. Today I'll be sharing you the look I made on my eye for our August photo shoot (as I mentioned in my previous post. LINK). I wanted the whole look to be dramatic, edgy yet classic so I initially started with a smokey look. After, I put some twist with sparkling purple and yellow.

For the Look

For the Photo Tutorial

Prime! Here I used my ELF eyelid primer. Afterwards, apply a black gel liner or eyeliner pencil all over the lid. In this look, I used Fanny Seranno gel liner in black

Using a large eye shadow brush, I blended the black color along the crease. This method is how we get a smokey look.

At the inner corner of the eye going to the mid of the crease, I applied a purple eye shadow. I also applied some at the outer half of the lower lash line. Afterwards, using a black eyeliner pencil, I drew a line at the upper lash line giving the eye makeup a stronger look.

Apply some glittery yellow or gold eye shadow at the inner half of your  lower lash line. Notice how the yellow color adds the classy feeling to the look. Or maybe I just love the color I actually believe it's giving that lively and stunning impact?

I applied my Nyx Jumbo pencil in Milk. White eye liners make the eye look bigger. To finish the look, get your falsies and mascara. Here, I used my HBC false eyelashes. I love how it look natural. <3

Tada! The finish look. I hope you like it! 

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Photoshoot: ZILA Couture August 2013 Collection

7:08:00 AM

Finally, we re opened the online shop of my friend Zie. For our august collection photoshoot, we had Clement as the photographer and me as the MUA. For the models, we had Zie, Erika and me (again). I just have to be a part of this since we are re opening and the three of us originally started this whole photo shoot stuff.

After a little history and all, let's move on to fashion talk. Well, we are having a bad weather and fashion is something you would not think of with a week cancellation of class. But hey! Maybe it would not hurt if you try your best to look great under the sky's bad face? Or tour yourself around the mall with killer heels after a bad week? With that, let me present to you what ZILA offers.

The new profile picture of the page. Don't forget to like the shop! :) 

For our august collection: Jam, Eki and Zie

Our wacky shot!

Now, for some more clothes .

Check out the whole collection. 

If you are interestedcollection; like, feel free to browse and buy some clothes and shoes. :) 

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Ever Bilena

Haul: Robinsons Ermita

10:46:00 PM

At first, I thought I could not blog because of academics and extra curricular activities. I then realized that I'm easily distracted by things (Computer games and phone games) during break time. Instead of editing photos, I either play or sleep. Well, I guess when it comes to prioritizing, I'm not good.

Anyway, Zielah's back on business! The online shop I collaborated with before. Since we are going to start promoting and advertising again, I bought some makeup. For my haul,

HBC has a stall inside Robinson Ermita. It is located near the National Bookstore. I bought some of their natural falsies. The lashes are sold for 20.75 php each. On another note, I actually planned to buy their eyelash glue but it isn't available so I settled for Aido Eye Putti glue.

Fanny Serrano refills in Organza and Duchess. Sold for P299.

Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks in Mauvey and Magenta. Sells for 155 php each.

Ever Bilena eyeliners in black and brown and Nichido spot concealer.

Some hair stuff for blow drying.

I'm planning to buy more unfortunately I left my wallet in my room and it sucks that it has to rain hard everyday. :( That's it for my haul. 

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