BB cream

Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth B.B Cream

8:21:00 PM

I have 4 noticeable pimple scars around my nose. It actually troubles me specially when I get to see myself at the mirror. With that, I bought B.B cream or blemish balm from Maybelline. Specifically, it's the Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream 8-in-1 Skin Transformer in the shade fresh. Additionally, it has SPF 26.
P 209 

Product Description

Clear smooth BB Cream is a multi-benefit product that combines the benefit product that combines the benefits of skincare, make-up and sun block in a cream. It contains 8 healthy minerals that moisturize and protect skin while giving flawless natural coverage.

8-in-1 Benefits

The product comes out through a tiny opening of the tube.

I agree with the product description that it gives a natural coverage. Well, the product is in liquid and sheer so I would have to expect it to work like a moisturizer. To add, it does brightens. It gives the skin a healthy look. However, it doesn't conceal. It isn't a concealer really so I should not be expecting a lot. It couldn't hide my pimple scars but it somehow lessens it's horrible look. This BB cream will work great for those people with good skin.

Do I use it alone? No. I use it as a base for my makeup. I'm not really a fan of simplicity. That I admit. 

Well, I guess that's it for the product.

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BB cream

Mini Haul: December 2013

8:06:00 AM

Two more days remaining and our vacation is finally over. I'm still not ready for an academic war. On another note, I got new products to help me out in my face war. Well, I have pimple scars and choppy lips. The scars were caused by everyday makeup and my failure to wash my face. I know exhaustion should not be an excuse but I find it hard to wash after dropping my bag. Because I wanted to hide these scars I opted for a B.B cream. In addition, I also got dry lips issue so I also bought a lip balm.

I added Gatsby moving lock spray in my basket. I have been using hair sprays which i found ineffective in creating long lasting curls so I bought this for a road test.

I will post reviews on these soon! 

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Hello 2014!

2:47:00 AM

Last year  was definitely not my year. I have been through a lot and most of my burdens came from school. My course is definitely killing me. Good thing God's with me all the time plus I have a beauty blog that serves as a stress reliever.

This year looks crucial but it will be perfect. This term, I'll be specializing in petroleum and my subjects are a lot harder. With that, I have to be more organized. Well, I already have a planner but I think I'll be buying a Belle De Jour Power Planner. Celline of Product Arena blogged about it and I find the planner really attractive and unique. It has special pages such as a cash flow tracker. 

I really need full attention on my academics this year but after passing all my subjects last term, I think I deserve a prize.  I'm not enrolling myself in a makeup school because I know where addiction can lead me ( But I will after I graduated). Distraction is a great enemy. As for the moment, I'll be purchasing a 5 and 7-hrs makeup class. :)

Another thing I'm sure of this 2014 is that I'll be doing more vanity stuff. And remember, 

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