REVIEW: Elf 100 eyeshadow palette

4:21:00 PM

I have a small train case (relative to what I saw in the internet) so that means I have this difficulty fitting everything in. And I don't feel like bringing additional bag because the train case is already heavy. It is quite necessary to own a variety of eye shadows - in shimmers and mattes. Today, I just wanted to share with you a palette I always use in my gigs - Th ELF 100 piece  eyeshadow palette.

The palette was on 25% on sale when i bought it. It was sold for P899 but I got it for P674.81. That was a year ago. 

Along with some stuff I bought

 Product Description

This convenient makeup collection for your eyes allow you to be your own makeup artist whenever, wherever. A great value for any makeup lover!!

  • An all-in-one compact including the must have eyeshadow shades.
  • Create any look that reflects your personal style
  • The small sleek design is great for on-the-go beauty touchups
  • Mirror and eyeshadow applicator included
Directions: Apply the lightest colors all over the eyelid as a base or to highlight. Apply the medium  shades over the entire lid or in the crease to contour. Apply the darkest shades to define and line the eye for depth and a smoky look.

Some eyeshadows were not pigmented mostly matte ones.

The shimmer ones are doing great. They are pigmented. Generally speaking, the bad news is that the eye shadows are very powdery. You have to tap off the excess or you'll get your client's face dirty with all the colors falling down from the eyes.

See how powdery it is? 

Some Swatches

You will be needing a primer for this. Anyway,I love the product. It is cheap and very useful. 

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Feb 2013 Makeover! Fun Shoot :)

5:50:00 AM

I mentioned from my previous post that I did a makeover on my co-writers. Photoshoot is something we do for fun. Anyway, I don't have a BEFORE photo because I don't have enough time to take one. I had 4 girls in line excluding me and had a scheduled reservation at the photography room to follow.

To start, I copied some recent photo of my co writers. 

and one of my favorite people, arli. :)

I didn't copied any recent photo of hers since she just had a few touch ups. She requested her makeup to be simple.

My officemates and at the same time my friends. <3 For Vielalala (one at the center), I still have to copy her photos. :) 

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art director

Photoshoot: Classic and Fun Shoot

9:52:00 PM

It is somehow necessary to study the look you and your photographer want to achieve. Personally, I always ask who my models are and what they look so I would know if our theme fits her face. A well-planned photo shoot will give a great output.

I like it more when I'm on spotlight because I could try a look I haven't done before. Anyway, our shoot last Saturday was a rush and for the photos.

Note: I post-processed my photos. :) Something I do to master Photoshop and Lightroom

I know I look very much like a vampire but I like it. :)

I did a makeover on  some of my co staffers! Will post individual before-and-after photos as soon as I finished my lab report. :P 

Rhona, Viela and Me! 

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Fanny serrano

Review: Fanny Serrano Concealer

8:37:00 AM

I had the Fanny Serrano (FS) concealer in cashew from my recent mini haul.  It is regularly sold for P350. 
Good packaging. I like this type better than the one you squeeze out of tubes. The problem with this type of packaging is that it is unhygienic.

BEFORE and AFTER. The concealer is a little cakey that explains the roughness on the first photo (referring to the first eye photo). I found this one cake-y. I love my Krave and L.A Girl HD concealers better than this one. Eventually, I end up applying my FS concealer over my lids, as primer, and around my eyebrows.

Anyway, the concealer did its job improving my eye bags.The first photo is a little bit darker than the second. I know it's hard to tell because I have a weird eye circles. Their not puffy and dark but it surely is big with the lines extending downward. I just got to know what to do in order to apply it smoothly over my eye circles. Will I repurchase? I love FS products sadly, not this one.

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Makeup Artist

Coed Photoshoot: Feb 2013

3:23:00 AM

A photo shoot was held last wed for the coed page of our school publication. As this term's editor assistant, I would want everything done my way and neat. Anyway, our coed (featured person of the issue) is none other than Mapua Cardinals Night winner Jelik Chua.

I did her makeup and hair. Anyway, all photos are raw. I'm not allowed to post processed/edited photos until the release of the issue.

Model: Angelique Chua
HMUA/Art Director: Jameila Bito-on
Photographer: Jude Ricafort

Me! :)

I had another shoot yesterday. This time, I'm on the spotlight! :) Will post soon!

Fanny serrano

Review: Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Mascara

10:18:00 AM

My Extra Length and Volume Mascara from my mini haul. The first time I saw this one, it appeared to be very attractive. It has a great packaging and it seemed effective. Well, I bought this for P 399 ( around $ 6). Quite expensive for a local mascara right?

Product Description:

Sweep for a maximum length and volume - fast and easy with FS Lash Extravagance! Richly formulated to give you soft-textured, clump-free eyelashes.

What I love about this  is that it is a little bent over. 

Look how small the spike things are. I guess it's for a  volume effect. Well, they aren't effective. Note also that  the liquid is very thick that causes clumps. The eyelashes tend to merge - not volume-ish. To avoid clumping, one must effort on combing.

BEFORE and AFTER. I agree with extra length but I really doubt it is extra volume.  It thickened my lashes but ,again, caused clumps. I have to comb repetitively my lashes so they spread out. In addition, the product is easily removed when you rubbed your eyes. 

I love the lengthening power of this mascara. My lashes look a lot longer. The downside is, you have to comb a lot and do it quickly to avoid clumps. The product has the tendency to cause clumps when it dried (dries fast!) and you reapply.

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Fanny serrano

Mini Haul: Fanny Serrano

10:50:00 PM

I'm back with a Haul! And it all came from one brand, Fanny Serrano. First, their two-way cake foundation is a major hit in the Philippine makeup industry and second I would want to try some of their products. 

Note: Bought these last Saturday during the Great Northern Sale. I was not able to buy so much since I have the tendency to be irritable around a large crowd. I mean seriously, It shocked me that day to see so many people. Well, I did not intended to shop during that sale day. It was just that the terminal going home is located at front of hypermarket and I wanted to make a stop over at the mall.

Bought them at SM North Edsa Dept. store. I have two foundations in Organza and Duchess, a black gel liner, concealer, mascara. For freebies, I got two blushes. 

Two-way cake foundation with mirror and foam  under.
 This foundation would always be present in my train case. It is regularly sold for 399 but worth every penny. It's a lot for the product. Anyway, I had 10% off - not bad.

This concealer is regularly sold for 249. Well, I think it's a good product although it didn't really hid my eye bags. 

This is regularly sold for 350. It says its an Extra length and volume mascara but I doubt the latter. I just realized that it's quite expensive for a local product. 
My free blush! :) A shimmery pale pink color.
 My freebie which I could not use. I tried and people told me I looked like a had tan my cheeks. They could not tell but It seemed to them I had a little trip to the beach. :( 

I will be making reviews on these products this week! :) Feel free to FOLLOW 


EOTD: Maldita

8:53:00 AM

THURSDAY - the most awaited day next week! For those with special someone, I know it's VALENTINES (Some are excited, some are not).  Anyway, I'll be wearing a strong look that day - something fierce. Well I'm not celebrating it with anyone, just with couple of friends. I'm SINGLE and i'm happy I am. :)

Final look :)

1. Apply a shimmery light brown eye shadow all over the lid.
3. Apply a black color through the crease. Using my black eyeliner, I drew a line and blended it softly to make the black color intense. Apply also on your lower lash line
4. Apply a strong matte brown color over the black one. Be very patient.
5. Apply a black eyeliner over your upper and lower lash line.
6. Coat with mascara! ( I don't do this. My eyes get irritated with mascara)

This is almost the same with an EOTD I made last year. The differences are the color on the eyelid and the black eye shadow of the old one was applied at the outer V. It was blended well with the browns. See link above. 

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EOTD: Of rainbows

11:16:00 AM

Hello there! :) I decided to create something colorful. I did eye makeups before wearable to special or non special occasions. Today, I just wanted to be more creative. Behold my very colorful eye look for the day (at the end this post). Enjoy ;)

Always start with  a Primer

1. Apply a matte blue color eye shadow all over the lid.
3. Apply a lighter color of blue through the crease and BLEND softly. Apply also on your lower lash line
4. Apply a violet/purple color on your outer V. You may apply a tape to make it sharp and clean.
5. Apply a black eyeliner over your upper and lower lash line.
6. Coat with mascara! ( I don't do this. My eyes get irritated with mascara)

 7. To make the whole look a little softer, Apply a pink color eye shadow on top of the lighter blue. Blend nicely. 
8. Apply a shimmery white eye shadow all over your brow bone.
9. Just for fun! You can draw anything using a liquid eyeliner or whatever you have. Blot on colors and stones. Voila! A strong but colorful look. :)

Hope you like it! :)

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