Mini Haul: Fanny Serrano

10:50:00 PM

I'm back with a Haul! And it all came from one brand, Fanny Serrano. First, their two-way cake foundation is a major hit in the Philippine makeup industry and second I would want to try some of their products. 

Note: Bought these last Saturday during the Great Northern Sale. I was not able to buy so much since I have the tendency to be irritable around a large crowd. I mean seriously, It shocked me that day to see so many people. Well, I did not intended to shop during that sale day. It was just that the terminal going home is located at front of hypermarket and I wanted to make a stop over at the mall.

Bought them at SM North Edsa Dept. store. I have two foundations in Organza and Duchess, a black gel liner, concealer, mascara. For freebies, I got two blushes. 

Two-way cake foundation with mirror and foam  under.
 This foundation would always be present in my train case. It is regularly sold for 399 but worth every penny. It's a lot for the product. Anyway, I had 10% off - not bad.

This concealer is regularly sold for 249. Well, I think it's a good product although it didn't really hid my eye bags. 

This is regularly sold for 350. It says its an Extra length and volume mascara but I doubt the latter. I just realized that it's quite expensive for a local product. 
My free blush! :) A shimmery pale pink color.
 My freebie which I could not use. I tried and people told me I looked like a had tan my cheeks. They could not tell but It seemed to them I had a little trip to the beach. :( 

I will be making reviews on these products this week! :) Feel free to FOLLOW 

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