Review: San San Age Defense 2 Way Cake

1:54:00 AM

Today's weather is bad. The wind is strong and it's definitely dark. Despite the bad look and media warnings, I'm still thinking of going out because we have a church service by 7:30 pm. There's Saturday and Sunday services however I fear that this whole bad weather will be worst by tomorrow. With that, I really wanted to push the idea of attending later. #Bad typhoon Yolanda

Moving on, I use my San San Age Defense 2 Way Cake in 02 whenever the sky is dark or it's rainy. Originally, I bought this product to serve as my daily foundation. Unfortunately, when I read at the packaging "Caution: This product contains an alpha hyroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn"  I was like "I should have read the description of the product first before buying it". Why would I use a product that would cause me sunburn? To give my money justice, this one is definitely going to be my rainy season foundation. 

Price: 159 Pesos
Net weight: 0.35 oz/10g

The packaging is appealing. The cover is in shiny blue. Additionally, it has a mirror and a useless sponge. The sponge can't pick up product.

The foundations is best when applied with wet sponge. It gives a light and matte coverage so expect that it cannot cover blemishes and the like. On the bright side, it doesn't cake. To add, It will work great for me since I'm opting for a natural look. If only the product would not increase the possibility of sunburn, then I would probably make it a daily foundation product. 

That's it! :)

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eye makeup

Review: San San Eyeshadows

1:20:00 AM

Eye shadows give our eyes the transformation we desire. It may be bold , dramatic or attractive. When we care about how our eyes will look, these cosmetics are highly essential. As for me, I'm an eye makeup person. I would always go for an extreme eye makeup look and leave my cheeks without blush and my lips in nude. 

The eye palette Sleek in Storm is one of my favorites. The eye shadows are pigmented. I can wear them without applying eye primer. Sadly, I'm already hitting the pan for brown/es. With that, i needed to find a back up. I browsed online and saw San San eye shadows so I gave it a try.  

I bought two eye shadows. The shades are in Natural Air Sienna and Charcoal Brown. I only bought two since I wanted to try it first before buying the rest of the crew. 

They are sold at HBC for P 50.

The matte one is somehow creamy. You know how fall outs disappoint us with all the colored powder all over our face right?

The glittered eye shadow is a little powdery. You have to be careful in applying this one. Pat it gently. In terms of color, the color isn't that strong contrary to how it looks in the pan.  I thought it is a deep brown but no.

This is how I use the San San eye shadows in Natural Air Sienna and Charcoal Brown. I apply the light one all over the lid. I then apply the charcoal brown through the crease. To intensify the look, I added a black color at the outer-V of the eye. Lastly, Blend! 

The charcoal brown isn't that pigmented. Well I guess I will try more San San eye shadows to check on the pigmentation. So far, I'm good with the matte one. There's a lot of product in the pan so this would definitely lasts for months. 

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Review: Quick FX

9:11:00 PM

Primers are expensive. Despite their prices, we invest on them. Why? Primers are applied to improve the coverage and staying power of our foundation. It also reduces the look of large pores and face lines. Lastly, it prevents the  foundation from caking. 

I was about to purchase a primer online when I saw Quick FX No Shine Mattifier on youtube. Based from feedback, it was claimed to be cheap yet effective product. With that in head, I decided to try this first before any online purchasing.

I bought this at Watsons. There are four kinds of Quick FX but I only bought the tinted moisturizer, eyelift cream and no shine mattifier. 

The packaging is travel friendly. The product is in a sachet. 

The Quick FX No Shine Mattifier is a good primer for starters.For the application, the product feels smooth on the face. It really transforms it from a shiny  to matte. I love how it prepares my skin for a thick foundation like my Revlon  Colorstay. Revlon has the tendency to cake so the foundation sits best with the Quick FX. Also, there's no break out so I think I'm good with it. Anyway, I'm only applying this product on my T-zone. I don't want my face to look flat.

The Quick FX Tinted Moisturizer product is comparable to skin white advanced moisturizer in term of texture. It gives a smooth feeling. On another note, the color of the moisturizer is not a problem to me. I don't know if the color is the same with my shade (Buff for Revlon or No.2 Shade for San San) or it simply vanishes on my skin.

The Quick FX Eyelift Cream helps in reducing the heavy look of my under eye. It does give a lighter look. To add,  the product gives that cold feeling of frozen pickle on the area of application.

Overall, I love all the products of Quick FX. They help a lot in preparing my face for makeup. And yes! I use them almost everyday.

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Review: Revlon Colorstay Foundation

10:11:00 PM

A lot of bloggers are giving positive feedback on the Revlon Colorstay foundation. Although there's more than 100 blogs hyping it, I can't simply pick it up. There are hundred makeup brands and some of them maybe be better. They just don't get the online attention. Since I am urgently looking for a good liquid foundation, I opted for this one. I bought two shades of the said foundation at the Super Sale Bazaar at SMX Moa last Oct.23.

The shades are in 300 Golden Beige and 150 Buff

For the packaging, it is in a glass bottle. You have to twist the cap to open it. To get the product you have to either pour a little at the back of your hand or get a spatula.

Here's how the two shades of the foundation looks when applied on the skin. As you can see, it's definitely matte. The product easily dries up so you have to blend it on the face quickly.

Based from the photo above, my natural skin color (hand basis) shade is somewhere between golden beige and buff.  However,my face is lighter than my body so 150 Buff will do.

The foundation has the tendency to cake. When you applied it unevenly or pat on too much powder that it caked, your face will definitely scream "I'm wearing makeup!" 

This kind of foundation is best on photo shoot and long-time-wear events. I don't think you should use one on daily basis if you're running late.You have to prime and moisturize the face to prepare for a thick foundation. You have to be careful in tapping powder because it has the tendency to cake. For a natural look, you have to use setting spray. 

Overall, the product is great. It gives a matte finish look. The coverage is from medium to full. It doesn't conceal dark spot but it covers the redness of the face. It is also good for any skin discoloration.

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