Review: San San Age Defense 2 Way Cake

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Today's weather is bad. The wind is strong and it's definitely dark. Despite the bad look and media warnings, I'm still thinking of going out because we have a church service by 7:30 pm. There's Saturday and Sunday services however I fear that this whole bad weather will be worst by tomorrow. With that, I really wanted to push the idea of attending later. #Bad typhoon Yolanda

Moving on, I use my San San Age Defense 2 Way Cake in 02 whenever the sky is dark or it's rainy. Originally, I bought this product to serve as my daily foundation. Unfortunately, when I read at the packaging "Caution: This product contains an alpha hyroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn"  I was like "I should have read the description of the product first before buying it". Why would I use a product that would cause me sunburn? To give my money justice, this one is definitely going to be my rainy season foundation. 

Price: 159 Pesos
Net weight: 0.35 oz/10g

The packaging is appealing. The cover is in shiny blue. Additionally, it has a mirror and a useless sponge. The sponge can't pick up product.

The foundations is best when applied with wet sponge. It gives a light and matte coverage so expect that it cannot cover blemishes and the like. On the bright side, it doesn't cake. To add, It will work great for me since I'm opting for a natural look. If only the product would not increase the possibility of sunburn, then I would probably make it a daily foundation product. 

That's it! :)

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