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Makeup @Fashion Institute of the Philippines (2)

5:30:00 PM

It took me one week before all photos got completely transferred and edited. Well, like what I said on my previous post, it's final week at school so I stole few hours of my time on some days to edit photos. The good news is after this day, i would be sleeping, sitting, and editing for the following days. XD Love it.

Last Saturday at FIP. The instructor taught about eyebrow erasing. It was all about doing avant-garde. Avant-garde (Advance Guard) refer to works that are experimental or innovative. At most, we could define it as modern makeup.

Carmmel Estabilio

Eyebrow Erasing. Here he used cream concealer by Kryolan.

Fake eyebrows were added. 

Reynalyn Tablan

Jameila Bito-on

It's 8:30 am and class starts at 10am still i'm sitting here. Got to go!:)

Divine sleek palette Storm

7th photoshoot: Fire Goddess inspired

4:22:00 PM

Yesterday, i woke up around 5 am and started preparing my brushes and setting up makeup. By 9am, Arianne Dabu (my model) arrived at the room. Initially, i was planning to do the Greek goddess inspired look i have watched from say's channel on youtube but my model is fair to medium skin so i did revised. Since we wanted an elegant theme with fire goddess touch, i combined gold with pink. 

Again, i used my sleek palette in storm for the gold and red. That's it! Do you like it?

If you want to hire me, you can email me at :)

Divine sleek palette Storm

6th Photo shoot: Kat Von D inspired makeup

12:24:00 PM

This week is Finals week so i have been lacking sleep. My exams ended on Tuesday but had to some makeup stuff for the rest of the week. For Wednesday we had a photo shoot with Viela Miranda with photographer David Gonzales. The look is Kat Von D inspired makeup which i saw on youtube (Airah Morena TV) . 

False eyelashes are bought from HBC

For the eye look, i used my Sleek palette in "Storm" for the blues and greens. For the pink one, i used my Elf's 100 Eyeshadow palette.

If you want to hire me you can email me at :)


Web Shoot

5:30:00 AM

Today, i had a shoot with our photographer Jasmine. :) I did my makeup and my hair. Unfortunately the one i edited does not show clearly my eyeshadow look. The light swiped it off. Anyway, i'll be updating soon after my FINALS. 

Till next time :)

eye makeup

Makeup @Fashion Institute Of the Philippines

5:57:00 AM

It was a really cool experience to sit in front of a large mirror with loads of makeup and brush placed at the table - A practice studio for a rising makeup artist. Well, I was not the one enrolled at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines but Engr.Tablan, alumni from our school MIT. I just did a favor of modelling for him.

Anyways, his 3rd meeting out of 8 for the course. :) I really wished i participated on the second one. Phil. Fashion week got in the way. :( 

Hello to his Suesh brush set

His traincase :)

Applying Mac foundation in shade NC 35

Blues. Mac does it. My face looks glowing. I am not sure if this is medium or full coverage but it does a great job holding everything into place.

Ate Iska on Neutral and in Fanny Serrano two way cake. Anyway, this is my second look (classic smokey).

The Final Looks. 

Classic Smokey Look

What do you think? 

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