Makeup @Fashion Institute of the Philippines (2)

5:30:00 PM

It took me one week before all photos got completely transferred and edited. Well, like what I said on my previous post, it's final week at school so I stole few hours of my time on some days to edit photos. The good news is after this day, i would be sleeping, sitting, and editing for the following days. XD Love it.

Last Saturday at FIP. The instructor taught about eyebrow erasing. It was all about doing avant-garde. Avant-garde (Advance Guard) refer to works that are experimental or innovative. At most, we could define it as modern makeup.

Carmmel Estabilio

Eyebrow Erasing. Here he used cream concealer by Kryolan.

Fake eyebrows were added. 

Reynalyn Tablan

Jameila Bito-on

It's 8:30 am and class starts at 10am still i'm sitting here. Got to go!:)

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