9th Photoshoot: Dress collection part 2

10:39:00 AM

Since I was tired after the photo shoot and I had an exam scheduled last Sunday, i have to post this one late. Moving on, we had another dress collection shoot.

Same crew but this time with a guest. 

This is Janine, our photographer's friend, who asked us the favor of including her in the photo shoot. And yes! An additional model for makeup which made me so freaking  tireddddddddddddddddddd o.o


The last priority since i should do all makeup first. XP hohoh
Behind The Scenes

Erika in Gold,Pink and Black eye shadow colors. :)

If you like anything, please check out Zielah's :)

Anyone interested in hiring our models for photoshoots, email me at

Makeup Artist

Behind the scenes: 8th Photo Shoot

5:37:00 PM

Before going to a photo shoot, I make sure I do my homework. First, i have to ask the theme, check out the model's picture (what they look like) and think about the look that i will do. These will actually subtract and add some make up stuff. For instance, models are in fair to medium skin. Of course, i have to remove foundations for morenas.

I did some Barbie-inspired look on Zielah which I saw from Phan's video.

Ever Bilena Off Beat Lipstick
Sleek Palette
Fanny Serrano Two way cake in Silk
Beauty Threats Lip gloss

Do you want a photo tutorial for this one? Just comment below :)

Model Erika with photohrapher Kat Nobleza

Had our dinner

While waiting for our service. :)

Fanny serrano

Mini haul: Robs

4:37:00 AM

I did a little shopping before going to a photo shoot. :) 

Fashion 21 Falsies-P65
Fashion 21 Sharpener -P50
Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake-P399
Fanny Serrano Gel Eyeliner-P299
Fanny Serrano Curler refill - P45
Ever Bilena Makeup Remover-P95

clothing store

8th Photoshoot: Dress collection

8:15:00 AM

Tired from today's work. I woke up by 4am to both clean makeup stuff and place them inside my bag - Getting ready for a shoot! :P

Well of course I was the makeup artist for the day and was asked to model at the same time. After doing makeup for Zielah and Erika, I immediately did mine and changed cloth. 

Interested in clothes: click HERE to buy!  :)

Erika's eye look is a mix of white and silver. First,  I used jumbo NYX in Milk and applied whitish silver powder over the lid. Afterwards, i applied a dark gray eye shadow over her crease and blended it out. 

Zielah's eye look involved 3 different shades of brown.

Anyone interested on hiring our models for a photo shoot please email me at

Aspiring models in need of portfolio can inquire. Also email me. X)

Careline Pencil

REVIEW: Careline and Everbilena Eyebrow pencils

11:22:00 PM

A well defined eyebrows would give you a much cleaner look. For me, i find it necessary to fill my brows every time i leave the house. There are many ways to fill in the brows. Obviously, i do mine using a pencil because i find it more convenient.

Before anything else, make sure you have decided if you're going to have a thick or thin eyebrows. Next, arch the right way. Secondly, lighten up when filling your eyebrows. Make sure that the color of your brow pencil or powder is two shades lighter than your hair color. Lastly, don't forget to brush it up. :)

My hair color is  very black so i prefer my Careline brow pencil  in brown (Refer to the swatch). Furthermore, this pencil has it's  brush which is great. I don't have to get a spoolie to brush my brow -saves time. :)

For those whose hair color is lighter than mine or brownish, i  suggest Everbilena brow pencil in brown.

Swatch: Everbilena and Careline Brow pencils in brown

I bought Careline for P55 which is much cheaper than Ever bilena which is P82. :) I will make a comparison soon between using powder and pencil. 


EOTD: Watermelon Inspired Look

11:58:00 PM

I label myself cursed whenever i suffer my quarterly eye infection. My eyes are very vulnerable to dust and accidental scratches. The problem is, only one eye gets to be infected. In order to make the whole swollen look even, i did a reddish eye makeup.

Excuse my eyeliner. :p I don't usually care if i did it wrong or not.  I always do it  like there's no much time left.

1. Apply a Primer over the eyes followed by Pink eye shadow over your lid.
2. Next, Apply a darker shade of Pink through your crease
3. Lastly, Apply a deep dark brown onto the outer corner and BLEND.
4.Line the top lash line
5. Apply Mascara

Eyelash Glue

REVIEW: HBC false eyeslashes and glue

7:46:00 PM

The first time i used false eyelashes was at FIP (Fashion Institute of the Philippines). The first time that it was me who put it was last month. The thing is, i did not blogged about it because it was fail. I was thinking if the lashes were too thin or the glue was not that sticky. 

After some practice, i just learned that the glue i was using was just too messy and not that sticky.It was like the normal school supply glue that you can easily remove by pulling.

Nichido P60. According to the sales lady, it's good for 5 uses. By the way, it is as small as a pen cap.

I don't like this because it's messy. It is like a liquid eyeliner which you apply using its tip applicator. 
See what i mean? I kept on applying the glue but it just won't  stick. I don't know if  others found this product great  or i just did it wrong?
HBC False Eyeslashes P20.75. These lashes were the ones i used in the 6th and 7th photo shoots.  
I can work with the top lashes, especially for fashion shoots. Well of course it isn't that extravagant. The bottom one i don't think I will repurchase again. It's very very thin. It defeats the purpose of making the eye bolder especially on photo shoots.
HBC Glue P80

The glue looks very foreign to me. Anyway, i tried this one and i think i like it better than Nichido. XD Do you see its needle-hole opening? Just a little squeeze and you're good to go. What i don't like about it is that i don't think it has great sticking powers. Well, i'll try to use it more and update this post.  :)


EOTD: Purplish

4:15:00 AM

Well, i am not a fan of the purple color. I just tried out my ELF palette.

1. Apply a plum color over the lid
2. Apply a brown color through the crease and blend it out

3. Apply a bright purple on the inner half of your eye lid and on your bottom lash line.
4. Brush a darker shade on the outer half of your eyelid.
5. Line your waterline with black liner
6. Apply liquid liner and mascara

You might be wondering why too many colors? It's because i wanted the look a bit more dramatic with all the smokey brown as base.


EOTD: Soft Golden Look

3:37:00 AM

At times, i wanted to look simply elegant even in a simple top and jeans. Here's what i did for my eye-look.

1. First prime your eyes and then Apply a Gold shimmery eye shadow over the lid.
2. Next, Apply a shimmery bronze eye shadow through the crease.
3. Blend!
4.Lastly, Apply eyeliner at the top lash and put on Mascara.

Actually, i don't like applying primer or intensifying the color of my eye makeup when going out. Just on special or important meetings and events. That's it :)


Mini haul: HBC and SM dept. stores

11:44:00 PM

I bought these things last week. :) You know the drill, buy and test before blogging! haha. Anyway, here's the photos.

ELF eyelid primer
San San Concealer in Natural
HBC false eyelashes
HBC eyelash glue
Ever Bilena Lip Liner in Red
Ever Bilena Brow Pencil in Brown

This is HBC's product but the package of this eyelash glue is very Chinese-whatever to me.

Of course, every secret to a powerful eye-look would be a primer. :)

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