8th Photoshoot: Dress collection

8:15:00 AM

Tired from today's work. I woke up by 4am to both clean makeup stuff and place them inside my bag - Getting ready for a shoot! :P

Well of course I was the makeup artist for the day and was asked to model at the same time. After doing makeup for Zielah and Erika, I immediately did mine and changed cloth. 

Interested in clothes: click HERE to buy!  :)

Erika's eye look is a mix of white and silver. First,  I used jumbo NYX in Milk and applied whitish silver powder over the lid. Afterwards, i applied a dark gray eye shadow over her crease and blended it out. 

Zielah's eye look involved 3 different shades of brown.

Anyone interested on hiring our models for a photo shoot please email me at fab_missjameila@yahoo.com

Aspiring models in need of portfolio can inquire. Also email me. X)

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