Review: Ever Bilena Sunblock

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The heat is just extreme. This whole temperature thing is just making me gaga over sunblock. I have been using whitening soaps and creams for years and I can't let this burning take place on my skin especially now that I am aiming to be whiter. Well, i'm the type whose complexion is  important.

My sister got me the Ever Bilena when I asked her to buy me a sunblock. I usually buy HBC's hortaleza sunblock but we don't have any branch here in Olongapo City (Review here). 

This is sold for P180 same price with the Hortaleza one but this is larger. The edge of the Hortaleza sunblock (HS) over Ever Bilena Sunblock (EBS) is that it is  for both face and body. The EBS has separate lotions for the face and body. The one for face costs P100. Another difference would be that HS is with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30  while EBS is with UVA/UVB. 

Basically, SPF  serves as a sunscreen protecting your exposed skin from sun's harmful UV rays.SPF 30-50 is the recommended levels for outdoor activities. On the other hand, UVA and UVB are types of  harmful ray which are a long and short wave ultraviolet respectively. The A is for Aging while B s for burning. 

I am not quite sure about their claim of this product as non greasy and of silky feeling but I am quite sure that the first time I used this with exposure under the sun, I felt like I am bathing in my sweat mix with sticky lotion. It gives that sticky uneasy feeling. I could say I like my skin without it than with but I'm still going to try it more. The heat might be just too tremendous for this product to handle.

Anyway, I like that this product is also a whitening lotion. When applied, it gives that shimmery skin look. The first time I used this, in a beach outing, my skin looked like its ready for heat.

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