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Review: Beauty Cosmetics Individual Brushes

11:07:00 AM

Personally, brushes are a must-have. They are tools that help in the application of makeup on the face. Also, I find them really important when it comes to creating eye makeup. For those who are starting in the makeup artistry, you can either have them in a set or individual. 

I got 2 sets of brushes plus individual brushes. Then last week, I bought 5 more individual brushes from Beauty Cosmetics.

These are the brushes I find important. From left, I have the spoolie, bullet brush, flat top brush, buffing brush and angle brush. I already have these types of brushes from my old sets, but I need more of them. There are times I get 2 to 3 clients a day and cleaning my brushes is time consuming. 

Buffing Brush, P150

A buffing brush could be use to apply foundation, blend blushes or contour and apply powder. As for me. it would work as a blender. The photo below shows a close up look of the flat top brush. 

This is densely-packed with soft bristles.
Flat Top brush, P150

A Flat Top Brush is mostly used as a foundation brush. The dense flat surface is perfect for applying any type of foundation.

I already tried this in applying my San San HD foundation. It works better than a flat foundation brush which causes streaks.

Angle Brush, P100

This is an angle brush that I think would work for me as a contour brush. It's the smallest angle brush I got so it would, at most, give a defined contour.

Bullet Brush, P100

A bullet brush is a great creator of smokey eye makeup. It's perfect for precision shading. It also blends the harsh lines of eye shadow. Furthermore, this creates a contour on the eyes or through crease. 

Spoolie Brush, P50

As you can see, I  used it already. Anyway, do not neglect this one. Our eyebrows need combing. If we want to get a well defined eyebrows, then using a spoolie would be a lot of help.

Overall, I love the brushes. <3 They're soft, cheap and they don't shed. For those interested, see Beauty Cosmetics Facebook Page. Click Here.

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Ever Bilena

Review: Ever Bilena Advance HD Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

11:19:00 PM

A waterproof eyeliner label is eye catching. It's ideal especially for those who would go swimming in either water or sweat. When I encountered Ever Bilena HD waterproof eyeliner at the shelf, I felt the need to buy. 

Before I discuss the featured product, let me talk about Nichido Professional Grade Eyeliner first. I bought one last February 9. It's a tear and sweat resistant formula liner. It was up for grab for 119 pesos from an original value of 238 pesos. The catch is that it doesn't work. It's new but it doesn't have ink. I already saw rants about this product and I hope they would stop putting rejects on display. You see, I'm a pretty busy person. I often grab a makeup I like without checking. It definitely caused me stress realizing it's defective. So girls, please do watch out for this item.

Going back, below is the picture of the box.

For 200 pesos, I have a waterproof eye liner plus 2 Free HD Advance eye pencils in black and brown. Good deal right?

The photo above shows the applicator. It's a marker type. For the swatches, see photo below.

As you can see, the liquid eyeliner is solid black while the pencils are pigmented.

I did a water test and I'm amazed that their all waterproof. The swatch of the eyeliner lasted at the back of my hand for 3 days  meanwhile the pencils swatches were erased after I took a bath. All without rubbing. On the other hand, everything's gone when you rub. 

Do I like it? Yes. I find all products great plus they're not that expensive. Thumbs up EB! :)

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Basic Makeup

Personal Beauty Makeup Workshop

10:25:00 PM

The title speaks. I enrolled in a Personal Beauty Makeup Workshop by BCK (Beauty Crafts by Kiran) scheduled February 22. The workshop is all about learning to apply makeup on one's self. 

With a portfolio and train case, some would ask me why take basic? I just wanted to check if what I do daily is right. Also, there's always a new technique we could learn.

At last, I'm finally done with BCK's basic and advance. I already blogged about the advance class. Click LINK. You might be wondering why it came first. The answer would be conflict in schedule plus my late reservation. #Student problems. Anyway, as always, I enjoyed doing my own makeup. It's definitely a good starting class for beginners.

Instructor Kimberly Ann thought us the basics of makeup. She also did a demo on how to do the day and evening makeup.

For those interested, please see their poster below

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EOTD: Love Month Look 2

2:44:00 AM

Yesterday that was Valentine's day, I decided to wear something red so I opted for my dress from Zoie's Closet III. I matched it with a pinkish eye makeup and curled my hair. Guess what? I ended up looking like I got a date. My classmates were actually asking if I'm going out with someone after class and I gave them huge eyes for a no. I have been single for a long time and I'm loving it! :)

For the whole look, see the photo below.

For the Photo Tutorial, 

Prime! As always, I used my ELF eyelid primer.

Like my first love month look, I went first for the chocolate eye shadow. Using a bullet brush, I applied it through the crease.

I then applied a pink eye shadow with shimmers all over the eyelid. For the lower lash line, I applied a shimmery red color. 

To intensify the eye makeup, I applied a black eye shadow at the outer corner of the eye.

I blended everything with a coral color. Afterwards, I put my eyeliner both at the top and the bottom.

Lastly, I coated my lashes with my Fanny Serrano Mascara. So what do you think?

Just to give you an idea on how the dress looks, see photo below. (There's a photobomber! hahah That's Teng, a friend and brother in God) 

There's nothing wrong with making yourself beautiful. It doesn't necessarily mean vanity. There exist love for one's self. Just be happy! :)

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EOTD: Love Month Look 1

5:04:00 PM

Valentine's Day is over but dating wouldn't stop. February is known as the love month and some would make sure they get to date someone either before or after the popular February 14. For those who would love to get a simple and elegant look with a touch of peach/pink for a post Valentine's date, try this look. Believe me, it's pretty attracting. 

For the Look

For the Photo Tutorial
First, Prime! Here I used my ELF eyelid primer.
Secondly, I Applied a matte chocolate/brown eye shadow through the crease. For the eye shadows, i used my sleek palette in storm. 
Afterwards, I Added some shimmery brown color near the outer V of the eye. I Applied the same color at my lower lash line.
From the inner corner of the eye, I slowly tapped some gold eye shadow to the middle of the eyelid. 
Next, I made the whole look dramatic by adding black/es at the outer corner of the eye. Blend the color towards the middle of the crease. Blend with a peach/pink color. Afterwards, I created a winged eyeliner then apply a black eyeliner at my waterline.
Lastly, I curled my lashes and coated it with Fanny Serrano mascara.

This is how the eye makeup looks. It's simple but glamorous. The pink/es color added that bloom effect. For blush and lipstick, it's up to you. If you feel like looking hot and sexy, wear it with red lipstick. That's it! :)

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Review: San San HD Concealer

12:00:00 PM

In my previous post, I mentioned San San HD (High Definition) concealer in Beige. You might be wondering why I bought a shade darker than my foundation. Well, it's not really darker. Beige is more yellow. The shade natural highlights my dark circles and I don't like that. I think it will work great if I correct my circles first.

Product description

  • Excellent coverage for skin imperfections
  • Formulated with vitamins A, C, E & SPF 15 for a healthier and naturally radiant skin.
  • With high precision applicator to achieve a picture perfect look.


It looks like L.A girl pro concealer but this one is retractable.

Like the San San HD Foundation, this one is also creamy. It's better that you use your fingers. 

The product is thick. It has huge tendency to cake so better that you use your fingers. Don't wipe it out. Tap in the concealer using your fingertips onto the skin until it blends. Based from the photo above, the shade beige is a good match for my dark circles. It does conceal. I just want it thin so I put on a little amount of the product. It's up to you how thick or blended you want it to be. Anyway, I love this concealer. It's cheap and it gives a good coverage.

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