Review: San San HD Concealer

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In my previous post, I mentioned San San HD (High Definition) concealer in Beige. You might be wondering why I bought a shade darker than my foundation. Well, it's not really darker. Beige is more yellow. The shade natural highlights my dark circles and I don't like that. I think it will work great if I correct my circles first.

Product description

  • Excellent coverage for skin imperfections
  • Formulated with vitamins A, C, E & SPF 15 for a healthier and naturally radiant skin.
  • With high precision applicator to achieve a picture perfect look.


It looks like L.A girl pro concealer but this one is retractable.

Like the San San HD Foundation, this one is also creamy. It's better that you use your fingers. 

The product is thick. It has huge tendency to cake so better that you use your fingers. Don't wipe it out. Tap in the concealer using your fingertips onto the skin until it blends. Based from the photo above, the shade beige is a good match for my dark circles. It does conceal. I just want it thin so I put on a little amount of the product. It's up to you how thick or blended you want it to be. Anyway, I love this concealer. It's cheap and it gives a good coverage.

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