Dove shampoo

Sharing my daily Hair Care

11:37:00 PM

My promotion was given around mid April and my scope of work got promoted too. Since papers are piling up, I was not able to blog for almost a month. My last post dated 1st week of may. I'm glad that today I get to have few hours to spend here! 

Today I would just share my personal hair care. My hair is re bonded but it looks better in curls. I have been curling my hair for the past few weeks and now it's extremely dry. Now, I have to purchase products with labels "repair". I bought Dove shampoo damage therapy, Syoss repair conditioner and my vitress hair polish sun protect. The combo of these three would not mean they could transform hair back to the healthy one but I think buying these repair products help a lot in repairing hair damage.

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Cheek and eye palette

Review: Nutrimetics Cheek and Eye Palette

12:41:00 AM

My tita from Australia paid us a visit. She gave me a Nutrimetics cheek and eye palette.  I really don't have any idea about the product. I never heard of the brand. I tried searching for any review in the internet but didn't find any. One thing I'm sure about it, it isn't available here in the Philippines.

The product looks pricey to me. I searched the internet and I saw it in ebay sold for $39.95The packaging is hard and somewhat heavy (for a palette). 

It is comprised of 15 shimmery eye shadows, 2 blushes, a mirror and applicators. 

At first I was very hesitant to use the product because of the shimmers. At school, I prefer wearing matte colors. Since the colors here are very lovely, I managed to come up with a shimmery eye look that I can tolerate.

You can observe that this product is pigmented, that is if you use your finger and a sponge applicator. It's hard to pick up with a brush. The product should be swipe out from the pan.

I'm getting few from all the sweeping of the brush. Well it takes a good primer to solve this pigment issue. Anyway, I still like the palette. I'm getting the right amount (just what i need). You can build up the color by reapplying. Also, I love the blush! It looks very natural though it has shimmers. It merely adds that natural looking pinkish glow on the cheeks. 

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Chic Nail Color

Nail Story # 4

11:25:00 PM

For some reason, I felt like doing my nails in class. I brought my Chic Nail polish in Yellow. I'm in love with this color. My nails are getting a lot of attention with it. To add, this Chic polish has a good brush to begin with.

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