Philippine fashion week 2012

Philippine Fashion Week

5:00:00 AM

Indeed a late post. Hahaha. Well, the pictures were all in raw so i got really lazy adjusting them. Now, i am officially done. :) Here we go..

It is our first time to attend the Philippine Fashion Week. Viela and I do not have any idea what to wear in an event like that. We just decided to play safe and simply dress up and put make up. Unluckily, as we arrived at SMX, my heels got broken. Good thing, she brought with her a pair of shoes. Since i am not comfortable with it, i bought oxford shoes at the bazaar.

Viela and Jameila

Owl ring = love :)

Oxford Shoes
I really planned to buy makeups but i bought this shoes and a lot of accessories! I just can't help it.  I just ended up buying lippies :( 


anti-pimple soap

REVIEW: Anti-pimple Soap (Defensil)

2:49:00 PM

Since I use makeup, I always end up with pimples (It's a recent issue). This is basically due to excess oil getting trapped in the pores. In my case, it's aided by too much products. Although I'm using 4 products at night to wash my face, the pimples are just unstoppable. T.T

"Learn how to prevent acne in the first place, so that you stop that next monster pimple before it even starts" source

Initially, I use the Clean and Clear pimple control. When I ran out of it, I rushed to SM to repurchase and saw a soap at a shelf. I think this is the first time that I encountered a soap for the T-zone.  It's a bit pricey for a small bar (P80) or cheap relative to derma-prescribed soaps. 

It has very cute packaging. The soap even has its own wrapper, a brown paper. As you open, you'll have another wrapper but thin and white (see  picture below). Well, I guess, the soap needs to be in a warm condition or whatsoever since it is wrapped around twice -just assuming. :)

One time, I got something on my eye and it got seriously irritated. It was really painful that I have to pour liters and liters of water on my eye. The soap seemed chemically strong. Also, note that the product has a very weird scent. 

What I love about it? I am in my Day 4 of using it and it is 101% effective. Actually, I did not expect that it would work. If I only knew, then i should have taken photos from day 1-4.  Anyway, today my pimple is in the stage of healing. It's just a mark now. - 4 days of awesomeness. Thumbs up!


Mini Haul : HBC (Sunblock Alert)!

4:31:00 AM

It's been months since i last posted something here. Well, the usual reason was and will always be school. XD Moving on, i ran out of sunblock and replaced it immediately. You know and feel how the sun is shaking the ground with extreme heat right? So there goes the reason why i went to HBC to shop. Here's what i got. 

I really love this sunblock. It does not give any sticky or uncomfortable feeling. After applying, it dries and blends. Although it has shimmers (not much), I give this one two thumbs up! And yes that means i'll be repurchasing.PRICE: P180.00

See that? Aside from protecting your skin, this sunblock works like a whitening lotion. hahaha  :P

This is the first time that i bought false eyelashes. Actually, i do not need one because i have long lashes. So why? I wanted to see how it adds drama to the whole eye look. Next month, i will do some photo shoot for my upcoming website. PRICE: P20

That's it! I'll be updating this blog this week. XD 

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