Review: Ever Bilena Advance HD Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

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A waterproof eyeliner label is eye catching. It's ideal especially for those who would go swimming in either water or sweat. When I encountered Ever Bilena HD waterproof eyeliner at the shelf, I felt the need to buy. 

Before I discuss the featured product, let me talk about Nichido Professional Grade Eyeliner first. I bought one last February 9. It's a tear and sweat resistant formula liner. It was up for grab for 119 pesos from an original value of 238 pesos. The catch is that it doesn't work. It's new but it doesn't have ink. I already saw rants about this product and I hope they would stop putting rejects on display. You see, I'm a pretty busy person. I often grab a makeup I like without checking. It definitely caused me stress realizing it's defective. So girls, please do watch out for this item.

Going back, below is the picture of the box.

For 200 pesos, I have a waterproof eye liner plus 2 Free HD Advance eye pencils in black and brown. Good deal right?

The photo above shows the applicator. It's a marker type. For the swatches, see photo below.

As you can see, the liquid eyeliner is solid black while the pencils are pigmented.

I did a water test and I'm amazed that their all waterproof. The swatch of the eyeliner lasted at the back of my hand for 3 days  meanwhile the pencils swatches were erased after I took a bath. All without rubbing. On the other hand, everything's gone when you rub. 

Do I like it? Yes. I find all products great plus they're not that expensive. Thumbs up EB! :)

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