EOTD: Love Month Look 2

2:44:00 AM

Yesterday that was Valentine's day, I decided to wear something red so I opted for my dress from Zoie's Closet III. I matched it with a pinkish eye makeup and curled my hair. Guess what? I ended up looking like I got a date. My classmates were actually asking if I'm going out with someone after class and I gave them huge eyes for a no. I have been single for a long time and I'm loving it! :)

For the whole look, see the photo below.

For the Photo Tutorial, 

Prime! As always, I used my ELF eyelid primer.

Like my first love month look, I went first for the chocolate eye shadow. Using a bullet brush, I applied it through the crease.

I then applied a pink eye shadow with shimmers all over the eyelid. For the lower lash line, I applied a shimmery red color. 

To intensify the eye makeup, I applied a black eye shadow at the outer corner of the eye.

I blended everything with a coral color. Afterwards, I put my eyeliner both at the top and the bottom.

Lastly, I coated my lashes with my Fanny Serrano Mascara. So what do you think?

Just to give you an idea on how the dress looks, see photo below. (There's a photobomber! hahah That's Teng, a friend and brother in God) 

There's nothing wrong with making yourself beautiful. It doesn't necessarily mean vanity. There exist love for one's self. Just be happy! :)

Thank you for reading :">

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