Review: Beauty Cosmetics Individual Brushes

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Personally, brushes are a must-have. They are tools that help in the application of makeup on the face. Also, I find them really important when it comes to creating eye makeup. For those who are starting in the makeup artistry, you can either have them in a set or individual. 

I got 2 sets of brushes plus individual brushes. Then last week, I bought 5 more individual brushes from Beauty Cosmetics.

These are the brushes I find important. From left, I have the spoolie, bullet brush, flat top brush, buffing brush and angle brush. I already have these types of brushes from my old sets, but I need more of them. There are times I get 2 to 3 clients a day and cleaning my brushes is time consuming. 

Buffing Brush, P150

A buffing brush could be use to apply foundation, blend blushes or contour and apply powder. As for me. it would work as a blender. The photo below shows a close up look of the flat top brush. 

This is densely-packed with soft bristles.
Flat Top brush, P150

A Flat Top Brush is mostly used as a foundation brush. The dense flat surface is perfect for applying any type of foundation.

I already tried this in applying my San San HD foundation. It works better than a flat foundation brush which causes streaks.

Angle Brush, P100

This is an angle brush that I think would work for me as a contour brush. It's the smallest angle brush I got so it would, at most, give a defined contour.

Bullet Brush, P100

A bullet brush is a great creator of smokey eye makeup. It's perfect for precision shading. It also blends the harsh lines of eye shadow. Furthermore, this creates a contour on the eyes or through crease. 

Spoolie Brush, P50

As you can see, I  used it already. Anyway, do not neglect this one. Our eyebrows need combing. If we want to get a well defined eyebrows, then using a spoolie would be a lot of help.

Overall, I love the brushes. <3 They're soft, cheap and they don't shed. For those interested, see Beauty Cosmetics Facebook Page. Click Here.

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