Personal Beauty Makeup Workshop

10:25:00 PM

The title speaks. I enrolled in a Personal Beauty Makeup Workshop by BCK (Beauty Crafts by Kiran) scheduled February 22. The workshop is all about learning to apply makeup on one's self. 

With a portfolio and train case, some would ask me why take basic? I just wanted to check if what I do daily is right. Also, there's always a new technique we could learn.

At last, I'm finally done with BCK's basic and advance. I already blogged about the advance class. Click LINK. You might be wondering why it came first. The answer would be conflict in schedule plus my late reservation. #Student problems. Anyway, as always, I enjoyed doing my own makeup. It's definitely a good starting class for beginners.

Instructor Kimberly Ann thought us the basics of makeup. She also did a demo on how to do the day and evening makeup.

For those interested, please see their poster below

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