REVIEW: Careline and Everbilena Eyebrow pencils

11:22:00 PM

A well defined eyebrows would give you a much cleaner look. For me, i find it necessary to fill my brows every time i leave the house. There are many ways to fill in the brows. Obviously, i do mine using a pencil because i find it more convenient.

Before anything else, make sure you have decided if you're going to have a thick or thin eyebrows. Next, arch the right way. Secondly, lighten up when filling your eyebrows. Make sure that the color of your brow pencil or powder is two shades lighter than your hair color. Lastly, don't forget to brush it up. :)

My hair color is  very black so i prefer my Careline brow pencil  in brown (Refer to the swatch). Furthermore, this pencil has it's  brush which is great. I don't have to get a spoolie to brush my brow -saves time. :)

For those whose hair color is lighter than mine or brownish, i  suggest Everbilena brow pencil in brown.

Swatch: Everbilena and Careline Brow pencils in brown

I bought Careline for P55 which is much cheaper than Ever bilena which is P82. :) I will make a comparison soon between using powder and pencil. 

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