REVIEW: HBC false eyeslashes and glue

7:46:00 PM

The first time i used false eyelashes was at FIP (Fashion Institute of the Philippines). The first time that it was me who put it was last month. The thing is, i did not blogged about it because it was fail. I was thinking if the lashes were too thin or the glue was not that sticky. 

After some practice, i just learned that the glue i was using was just too messy and not that sticky.It was like the normal school supply glue that you can easily remove by pulling.

Nichido P60. According to the sales lady, it's good for 5 uses. By the way, it is as small as a pen cap.

I don't like this because it's messy. It is like a liquid eyeliner which you apply using its tip applicator. 
See what i mean? I kept on applying the glue but it just won't  stick. I don't know if  others found this product great  or i just did it wrong?
HBC False Eyeslashes P20.75. These lashes were the ones i used in the 6th and 7th photo shoots.  
I can work with the top lashes, especially for fashion shoots. Well of course it isn't that extravagant. The bottom one i don't think I will repurchase again. It's very very thin. It defeats the purpose of making the eye bolder especially on photo shoots.
HBC Glue P80

The glue looks very foreign to me. Anyway, i tried this one and i think i like it better than Nichido. XD Do you see its needle-hole opening? Just a little squeeze and you're good to go. What i don't like about it is that i don't think it has great sticking powers. Well, i'll try to use it more and update this post.  :)

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