Makeup @Fashion Institute Of the Philippines

5:57:00 AM

It was a really cool experience to sit in front of a large mirror with loads of makeup and brush placed at the table - A practice studio for a rising makeup artist. Well, I was not the one enrolled at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines but Engr.Tablan, alumni from our school MIT. I just did a favor of modelling for him.

Anyways, his 3rd meeting out of 8 for the course. :) I really wished i participated on the second one. Phil. Fashion week got in the way. :( 

Hello to his Suesh brush set

His traincase :)

Applying Mac foundation in shade NC 35

Blues. Mac does it. My face looks glowing. I am not sure if this is medium or full coverage but it does a great job holding everything into place.

Ate Iska on Neutral and in Fanny Serrano two way cake. Anyway, this is my second look (classic smokey).

The Final Looks. 

Classic Smokey Look

What do you think? 

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