Review: Revlon Colorstay Foundation

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A lot of bloggers are giving positive feedback on the Revlon Colorstay foundation. Although there's more than 100 blogs hyping it, I can't simply pick it up. There are hundred makeup brands and some of them maybe be better. They just don't get the online attention. Since I am urgently looking for a good liquid foundation, I opted for this one. I bought two shades of the said foundation at the Super Sale Bazaar at SMX Moa last Oct.23.

The shades are in 300 Golden Beige and 150 Buff

For the packaging, it is in a glass bottle. You have to twist the cap to open it. To get the product you have to either pour a little at the back of your hand or get a spatula.

Here's how the two shades of the foundation looks when applied on the skin. As you can see, it's definitely matte. The product easily dries up so you have to blend it on the face quickly.

Based from the photo above, my natural skin color (hand basis) shade is somewhere between golden beige and buff.  However,my face is lighter than my body so 150 Buff will do.

The foundation has the tendency to cake. When you applied it unevenly or pat on too much powder that it caked, your face will definitely scream "I'm wearing makeup!" 

This kind of foundation is best on photo shoot and long-time-wear events. I don't think you should use one on daily basis if you're running late.You have to prime and moisturize the face to prepare for a thick foundation. You have to be careful in tapping powder because it has the tendency to cake. For a natural look, you have to use setting spray. 

Overall, the product is great. It gives a matte finish look. The coverage is from medium to full. It doesn't conceal dark spot but it covers the redness of the face. It is also good for any skin discoloration.

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