EOTD: Maldita

8:53:00 AM

THURSDAY - the most awaited day next week! For those with special someone, I know it's VALENTINES (Some are excited, some are not).  Anyway, I'll be wearing a strong look that day - something fierce. Well I'm not celebrating it with anyone, just with couple of friends. I'm SINGLE and i'm happy I am. :)

Final look :)

1. Apply a shimmery light brown eye shadow all over the lid.
3. Apply a black color through the crease. Using my black eyeliner, I drew a line and blended it softly to make the black color intense. Apply also on your lower lash line
4. Apply a strong matte brown color over the black one. Be very patient.
5. Apply a black eyeliner over your upper and lower lash line.
6. Coat with mascara! ( I don't do this. My eyes get irritated with mascara)

This is almost the same with an EOTD I made last year. The differences are the color on the eyelid and the black eye shadow of the old one was applied at the outer V. It was blended well with the browns. See link above. 

Thank you for reading :">

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