EOTD: Of rainbows

11:16:00 AM

Hello there! :) I decided to create something colorful. I did eye makeups before wearable to special or non special occasions. Today, I just wanted to be more creative. Behold my very colorful eye look for the day (at the end this post). Enjoy ;)

Always start with  a Primer

1. Apply a matte blue color eye shadow all over the lid.
3. Apply a lighter color of blue through the crease and BLEND softly. Apply also on your lower lash line
4. Apply a violet/purple color on your outer V. You may apply a tape to make it sharp and clean.
5. Apply a black eyeliner over your upper and lower lash line.
6. Coat with mascara! ( I don't do this. My eyes get irritated with mascara)

 7. To make the whole look a little softer, Apply a pink color eye shadow on top of the lighter blue. Blend nicely. 
8. Apply a shimmery white eye shadow all over your brow bone.
9. Just for fun! You can draw anything using a liquid eyeliner or whatever you have. Blot on colors and stones. Voila! A strong but colorful look. :)

Hope you like it! :)

Thank you for reading :">

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