Review: Fanny Serrano Concealer

8:37:00 AM

I had the Fanny Serrano (FS) concealer in cashew from my recent mini haul.  It is regularly sold for P350. 
Good packaging. I like this type better than the one you squeeze out of tubes. The problem with this type of packaging is that it is unhygienic.

BEFORE and AFTER. The concealer is a little cakey that explains the roughness on the first photo (referring to the first eye photo). I found this one cake-y. I love my Krave and L.A Girl HD concealers better than this one. Eventually, I end up applying my FS concealer over my lids, as primer, and around my eyebrows.

Anyway, the concealer did its job improving my eye bags.The first photo is a little bit darker than the second. I know it's hard to tell because I have a weird eye circles. Their not puffy and dark but it surely is big with the lines extending downward. I just got to know what to do in order to apply it smoothly over my eye circles. Will I repurchase? I love FS products sadly, not this one.

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