Review: Fanny Serrano Lash Extravagance Mascara

10:18:00 AM

My Extra Length and Volume Mascara from my mini haul. The first time I saw this one, it appeared to be very attractive. It has a great packaging and it seemed effective. Well, I bought this for P 399 ( around $ 6). Quite expensive for a local mascara right?

Product Description:

Sweep for a maximum length and volume - fast and easy with FS Lash Extravagance! Richly formulated to give you soft-textured, clump-free eyelashes.

What I love about this  is that it is a little bent over. 

Look how small the spike things are. I guess it's for a  volume effect. Well, they aren't effective. Note also that  the liquid is very thick that causes clumps. The eyelashes tend to merge - not volume-ish. To avoid clumping, one must effort on combing.

BEFORE and AFTER. I agree with extra length but I really doubt it is extra volume.  It thickened my lashes but ,again, caused clumps. I have to comb repetitively my lashes so they spread out. In addition, the product is easily removed when you rubbed your eyes. 

I love the lengthening power of this mascara. My lashes look a lot longer. The downside is, you have to comb a lot and do it quickly to avoid clumps. The product has the tendency to cause clumps when it dried (dries fast!) and you reapply.

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