Photoshoot: ZILA Couture August 2013 Collection

7:08:00 AM

Finally, we re opened the online shop of my friend Zie. For our august collection photoshoot, we had Clement as the photographer and me as the MUA. For the models, we had Zie, Erika and me (again). I just have to be a part of this since we are re opening and the three of us originally started this whole photo shoot stuff.

After a little history and all, let's move on to fashion talk. Well, we are having a bad weather and fashion is something you would not think of with a week cancellation of class. But hey! Maybe it would not hurt if you try your best to look great under the sky's bad face? Or tour yourself around the mall with killer heels after a bad week? With that, let me present to you what ZILA offers.

The new profile picture of the page. Don't forget to like the shop! :) 

For our august collection: Jam, Eki and Zie

Our wacky shot!

Now, for some more clothes .

Check out the whole collection. 

If you are interestedcollection; like, feel free to browse and buy some clothes and shoes. :) 

Thank you for reading :">

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