Night Skin Care Routine: Removing Pimples

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I welcomed this year with a serious face issue. What do i mean? Pimples. I had a lot of them from an allergic effect of San San liquid base makeup. I'm not saying it does give zits but in my case, my skin doesn't seem to like it. Moving on, i have here a picture of my healing pimples. They're quite huge.

1. Clean and Clear Active Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser
       As stated at the back of the product it helps clear pimple fast which i might say,very true. Well, my pimples are gone for good with its major ingredient as salicylic acid . XD Also, it has a cooling and soothing effect. P86.75
2.  Ponds Clear Balance
               This one is advanced Anti-bacterial facial scrub, with the power of unique Herbal Clay. And yeah, i really do agree with regards to highly absorbing. You can really feel the cleansing happening deep into your pores. It's very refreshing.

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3. Garnier Light Complete
                 Lemon has glow enhancing effect, a natural bleacher of course. It makes one's skin visibly fairer. I really love how it works on my skin. It sort of glows. XD Garnier Light Complete is a multi-action whitening cream that acts on dullness, dark-spots, excess oil and acne marks. P65(20mL)

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The tandem of all these really made pimple removal and prevention  lot easier and faster. As for now, i have recovered from that extreme skin break out. 

What's your skin issues?

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