Nail Story #1

3:10:00 PM

I'm not interested in nail polish and nail art until I realized that nails need their extensive grooming too. It's neat and  appealing to have designed nails. It adds sophistication. Furthermore, the nail look could serve as an accessory.

Well, I'm just starting to learn how to apply nail polish. I'm still not good at doing it but at least I'm trying my best. Plus I don't have the patience when it comes to  polish drying. I tend to touch it every now and then. Anyway, I'll show you my first try.

My pick! :) The glittered Bobbie polish looks amazing on nails. It's thick and requires few swipes.

I really don't know If I did a good job or what. I just thought of applying a matte black polish and adding some cute stuff over the tip. I guess I need more practice. :)

Thank you for reading :">

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