EOTD: Feeling Cold

10:14:00 AM

I got depressed so I decided to go to school with something colorful. Colorful yet cold. I want everybody to see something different. Anyway, I don't usually do a colorful eye makeup for school unless I have a scheduled photo shoot. Moving on, here's the eye look.

To start! 

First, I applied a concealer over my eyelid. I don't apply primer when going to school. Concealers can be a substitute for primers. Anyhoo, I applied a matte brown eye shadow over the crease.

Sorry. I Can't provide a photo for step 2. I accidentally deleted the photo. For the photo above, I used a dark blue-grayish eye shadow over the lid followed by a dark violet shade eye shadow over the crease. Blend!

Apply an eyeliner. Curl Lashes. Apply Mascara.

I'm not a fan of blush on.I just want a great eye makeup look and a tinted lips. That's it.

Thank you for reading :">

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