BudgetFind 101: Ever Gotesco at Q.C

12:16:00 PM

When it comes to Beauty Section, Ever Mall seemed to spare a lot of space for it. Well of course,for an old one, they don't have the entire collection of make up brands. But hey, when it comes to promos/sales, they're shoppers would not mind spend a lot of time looking around.

Shopping Bag:

Bought Aidu Lipsticks and Nose Pack at the Department store. The rest from HBC.

You might be wondering, if this mall is full of sale then why a few items? Simply because others were not a big thing to get featured.XD

Going back, it's a great thing that HBC is on sale, i get the chance of trying some of their exclusive products. Still, I haven't bought that much for i haven't tried any SanSan cosmetics before. So any suggestion of their great products?

1. SanSan Long Wearing Mascara
          -Originally P111 now P70

2. Hortaleza, M.D Mild Facial Toner
          -Originally P70 now P50

3. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
         -Not on sale. P85

For the Department Store:

Sometimes, it's better to check out old/small malls (whatever description they get nowadays). When it comes to sale, they're really good at it. The best part is, i don' think their sale lasts for 3 days. That's it. 

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