REVIEW: San San Lip Plumper

8:32:00 AM

Lip plumper is most used by people with thinner lips because it helps create an illusion of a gorgeous pout. Not for me, i have thick lips that makes me look like a duck.Kidding aside, it make lips appear fuller temporarily. It's components allow it to slightly swell over time. That explains the stingy effect. 

It ranges from shades of translucent, opaque and tinted. Anyway, i bought mine at HBC as mentioned in my previous post.

They have 3 shades distinguished by number 

As shown, i have 3 shades. Since these are colored or tinted, they can be worn alone. If ever that your lip plumper is colorless then you can apply it under your lipstick.Well, I bought them for P30 originally P85.75. They're on S-A-L-E. Nice right?

What i hate about this product is its smell. It's really upsetting my stomach. The smell is somehow close to a toothpaste mix with chemicals. I cannot really explain but it does sting my nose and my nerves.

Well, i cannot say if its effective because i have natural thick lips.hahaha XD 

Will i repurchase again? No. There are other ways to make your lips appear fuller without stinging your lips and upsetting your stomach. 

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