Review: AIDO Classic Lipsticks

8:31:00 AM

Lipstick compliments every complexion. For some, it's a girl's best friend, a thing your pout can't live without. However, i'm not that gaga over this. Still, cosmetics is cosmetics, i'm experimenting.XD Well, I spotted a brand that sells this for a very cheap price, AIDO (P50/$1). You can check them out on your local department stores. 

Moving on, i have 3 shades. The ones i wanted too are out of stock which is lame. Good thing, they are very pigmented. :)

Shade F

Shade Q

Shade H


REDDISH. A red-pink hue. Very strong shade. I suggest you keep the eyes bare when wearing this.

CORAL. The shade is bright and cheerful. Best for fair to medium skin tones - which  is very true.

PINK. A shade present in every makeup artist's kit. This looks amazing on every skin tone.  Also worn with a smokey eye look.

Actually, H (coral shade) is my everyday lippy. It really gives that strong orange color that compliments my fair skin. The only negative part, is i have to reapply every now and then.

I'll add the other shades soon! with better swatches. I feel LAZY. :(

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