Photoshoot: 7 Deadly Sins

7:34:00 PM

David, a co-writer asked me to pose and do makeup. It's for his concept development project in photography course. When he mentioned that the concept was 7 deadly sins i was like "what look will i do?" I have 2 other models and 7 looks to achieve.

I don't have a photo tutorial for the looks I made but I will make one upon request or if I have extra time. Anyway, for the base I used KRAVE's foundations in Ricotta (I used on myself and Viela) and Tiramisu (used on Yani), krave's correct and conceal, and complexion perfection (oil free powder foundation) in Hazelnut and Creme brulee. Thumbs up krave! The products did a great job in the photo shoot. The models  did not requested for any reapplying despite the excessive heat we experienced from the huge lights. No one had those extreme oiliness whatsoever. The make up did not even melted. :*> I will definitely use these products again! :)

Anyway, if ever you see some weird stuff on the face or what it's because I was under pressure. I did OUR makeup in 2hours+. O.O 

Model: Jameila Bito-on (WRATH)

Model: Jameila Bito-on (LUST)
SLOTH. Viela has lots of blue gem in her left. She did not mentioned about her best angle in right. Effort wasted :(  Got no time to ask since i'm under time pressure)

Model: Arianne Dabu (PRIDE)

Model: Viennese Miranda (ENVY)

Photography: David Gonzales

There are more and better photos but should not edit them since photographer David Gonzales will be using them for portfolio. XD

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