EOTD: Plum Smokey

9:47:00 AM

Finally, I'm done with my eye makeup photo tutorial. Remember my post on a photo shoot with aztec theme? (If not click HERE) I did a smokey eye to cover my eye imperfection. One lid got really bigger than the other. Anyway, I was able to copy some raw photos from Ram Marcelo. I did the editing.

Here's the final look. I look very tired though. It was really hot  that day.

Moving on to the photo tutorial.

1. Prime your eyes to make the eye shadow last longer. I used my ELF primer. Then put on tape at the side of your eye to achieve a winged look eye makeup.
2. Next, apply NYX eyeliner in "Milk".
3. For the base, apply a gel liner or cream eye shadow in black. Here I'm using my Fanny Seranno Gel liner in black.

4. Tap over a black eye shadow. Take a crease brush and blend! Do it as neatly as possible.
5. Apply a Plum or reddish color through your crease. Also, apply on your lower lash line.
6. In blending the plum color, use the brush you used to blend the black eye shadow. Remove the tape.
7. Apply eye liner on your water line. I used my all time favorite  Ever Bilena Black Eyeliner. <3

8. Apply mascara. You may add false eyelashes for a more dramatic look.

I hope you like it! XD

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